Amber rum made from the juice of sugar cane

The rum way to do it!

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Sugar producers throughout the world provide many useful and lucrative by-products that realise revenues that far exceed what they get paid for their bags of sugar.  Read more


How do you like your white wine – with or without oak?

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Most of today’s winemakers have realised that British white wine drinkers don’t really like the overt tannic and often bitter taste of oak. Now, if used, it’s done with a reserved elegance, especially when compared to yesterday’s producers.   Read more

Can I Eat It takes a look at the state of tea in Britain

Tea, our national drink is a national disgrace

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Over the last forty years shoppers have seen a massive improvement in the quality of the food and drink products that sit on our supermarket shelves. But tea, our national drink is still a national disgrace. Read more

Can I Eat It takes a look at some of the leading whiskys and lets you know which one to buy.

How to confuse a whisky hack?

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Few years back, I poured a whisky hack a dram of Islay’s Ardbeg, special bottling from Gordon & MacPhail, Elgin, Speyside, and challenged him to name the region and distillery. He considered. “I’m not sure of the distillery,” he admitted, “but it’s definitely Speyside.” And I respected his instinct, because he was more than half right. This was an Ardbeg that had been matured and bottled, not at the distillery on the Hebridean Island of Islay, but on the mainland in the Speyside region of The Highlands. Whisky, you understand, gathers somewhere between 60-95% of its flavour from the barrel and its surrounding atmosphere. Read more


Big Improvement for Nearly Neat and G&T Drinkers

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Own branded Gin has improved big time since the nineties. Long gone are the days where cheap Gins were made from cheap molasses and tasted of treacle, rather than the clean cereal flavours of the ones that were produced from the more expensive grains. Then the priority was simply hitting the required price point rather than competing with the quality brands like Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire and Plymouth.   Read more

Trolley Trundle Food Price Check

Trolley Trundle Food Price Check – June 2012

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Are you annoyed that the cost of your trolley trundle keeps going up when the supermarkets are advertising that they are bringing the price down?  Most shoppers are!

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Summer diamond jubilee cocktails

Street Easy Party Cocktails

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Fed up of partying on wine and beer? Want street-easy party cocktails that are simple to create and will make your Queen’s Jubilee celebrations go with a real swing? Don’t want to spend your bank holiday weekend searching for the ingredients either. End of. Read more