A spoon-friendly dessert for our Domestic Olympians

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The Olympics 2012 are in full swing. The children are on their summer break. But for you, the Domestic Olympian, every holiday is a series of 100metre sprints: shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, parties…  Read more


I’ve tasted BrewDog’s Tokyo Oak Aged Stout – should you buy it or leave it on the shelf?

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In all areas of life you need talented individuals that are willing to put their heads above their professional parapets and shout very loud.  For example, John McEnroe’s rant of ‘you cannot be serious’ went along way to improving umpiring decisions in Tennis! Read more

Can I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the Marmite Yeast Extract

What no salt!

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Fortunately, none of us are not standardized robots! We’ve all heard of individuals who die at a very ripe old age, having smoked 50 a day for 60 years, or gorged gustily on salt-laden food, but the evidence is incontrovertible that excess kills or at least damages us early.

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London Olympics 2012 goes with a real fizz!

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What bubbles should you be celebrating with when your country’s athletes win bronze, silver and gold medals in London Olympic Games 2012?   Read more

Can I Eat It takes a look at what Bourbon you should be buying.

Caveat Emptor for Bourbon Drinkers

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Unlike Ireland, where there is three year apprenticeship to be barperson, most of the part-time staff that work behind the bar of our British pubs, have very little knowledge of the spirits that they sell from the back shelf. Read more


The Ultimate Eton Mess

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This rain-soaked summer has meant that soft berry fruit grown outdoors is not to going to last in the punnet or the fridge for much longer than a day! Require a quick, spoon- friendly dessert that will use up your soft fruits?  There is none better than an Eton Mess!  Named Eton as it originated from Eton College.   Read more

Espresso on Coffe Beans

Want your coffee in an instant? App these!

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We have all now become accustomed to the heady aroma and flavour wafting from our many coffee shops, and the upside to this is that more shoppers are experimenting with fresh rather than instant coffee. This experimentation for most coffee drinkers is still as an occasional treat rather than the norm.  End of.  Read more