The Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App has plenty of drinks to scan too

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The Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App has plenty of drinks to scan too. Start scanning the Supermarket’s drink shelves… there are over 2500 wines and 700 Spirits. And if you are a Vodka drinker there is well over 100. Moreover, if you’re making cocktails, then flavoured Vodkas are a must have. Check out the ones below, or scan the many others when you’re next doing your trolley trundle! That’s if you’re not flavouring your vodka at home! Read more


Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App is ready to help the ‘next generation’ of Olympians

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The Olympics are over, but Lord Coe – wants families to take advantage of the legacy left by London 2012.  If you would like your family to be part of the ‘Olympic gold haul in Rio and beyond, you may find your shopping list, for your weekly Usain Bolt-like trolley-dash, requires a bit of a tweak!  The below may help a little with this lifestyle change.

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Can I Eat It give you the guide to drinking Britain’s finest Coffee.

Drinking & keeping fresh coffee at its best

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Hooked on the smell and the taste of fresh coffee? Want to replicate that heady aroma and flavour at home? The below may help a little. Read more