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Two Bloody Mary recipes that will wake up your tastebuds

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A Bloody Mary cocktail is so easy to make, but can disappoint if the bar staff don’t  add or have those extra twist, shake and spicy ingredients.  Below is the Classic Bloody Mary and if you’re feeling adventurous you can try your hand at the impressive ‘Mary & The Soldiers’, invented by  Marco Piroli’s  of the LAB Bar, Soho, London.  Read more


The Speyside & Highland Drams are Perfect for Burns Night

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With good reason, most Scottish distilleries lie in the Speyside area or in the surrounding Highlands. The cleanly flowing rivers, peat and easy access to high-quality barley mean that the distilleries there always have an economical edge over those on the islands, where higher production and transport costs have led to the closure of so many of the distilleries. Read more


Hot Toddies to keep out the winter chill

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Here are two Hot Toddy recipes that have all the flavoursome qualities of the very best Toddies without the annoying bits. End of. Read more


Breaking News – Version 2.0 is in the App Store

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What’s new? It’s now available for the iPad & iPad mini. We have added a Tray Announcement that will keep you updated with the latest news. And a new ‘I want to drink’ section! Read more


Utter Madness for the Vegetarian Shopper

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At Can I Eat It, we have lost count the amount of times where we can’t get sufficient information to be able to give the Vegetarian App user a green thumb up or a red thumb down. Surely in today’s world it should be part of our labelling legislation that all pre-packed food and drink products should be displayed as suitable or not! All shoppers would benefit from being better informed. End of. Read more

A supermarket trolley full of groceries. Image shot 2001. Exact date unknown.

Happy New Year – The secret to bargain-basement shopping

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There is nothing worse than trading down to one of the bargain- basement brands, Asda’s Smart Price, Tesco’s Everyday Value, Sainsbury’s Basics, Morrisons’ M Savers & The Co-operative Foods Simply Value, and you find that the dog might, but you or your family won’t or can’t eat it! Read more