Eye Candy Cocktails at Quaglino’s


By Martin Isark

1930′s Quaglinon’s was the place in Mayfair to go if you wanted to be with the Inn-Crowd, and it’s still cutting it in 2018 with its slick and shiny interior and wall-wall beautiful people. 

I was not there to ogle, but simply to taste their new Science of Sustainability Cocktails. A posh venue that’s continually striving to be the best in town, has to have a range of cocktails that impress with their looks and taste. You’ll see pics below they are real ‘Eye Candy’ but what do they taste like? 

Quaglino’s Science of Sustainability Cocktails


Ingredients: Copperhead, Acqua di Cedro, Sichuan Pepper, Suze, Champagne, Coriander Seeds Sesame Oil.
Taste: Refreshing and flavoursome with a sesame twist. An excellent aperitif cocktail to wake those after-work tastebuds.
Score: 8/10
Taster: Martin Isark, September 2018 

Hot Bodies

Ingredients: Oxley, Pomegranate & Beetroot, Martini Rubino, Kalamnsi, Tofu, Meringue & Grapefruit
Taste: Looks amazing, and it delivers real citric lick that has your palate demanding another mouthful. The sweet meringue on top is real nice touch.
Score: 10/10
Taster: Martin Isark, September 2018 

Fur Farms

Ingredients: Peach Almond Champagne
Taste: I enjoyable twist on a Bellini. The almond notes dance from sip to swallow.
Score: 8/10
Taster: Martin Isark, September 2018 

Vitamin Sea

Ingredients: Hendricks, Bergamot, Lavender, Nori Seaweed Italicus Ginger Maraschino Samphire Jasmine Air.
Taste: Looks Amazing. Relish the taste of lavender then the ‘Vitamin of the Sea’ is must have!
Score: 10/10
Taster: Martin Isark, September 2018

The Green Revolution

Ingredients: Kitchens Rue Yellow Chartreuse Lime Beer, Honey Matcha Tea,Pistachio Foam.
Taste: A sludgy green topping does not do it for me, but if you want a very dry cocktail with pronounced pistachio notes then grab your wallet!
Score: 6/10
Taster: Martin Isark, September 2018


Ingredients: Hennessy, Madeira, Aperitif Grapefruit Camomiles Wiaglia Smoke.
Taste: Want theatre? Then the Tornadoes delivers it with a smoky cognac and grapefruit swirl.
Score: 6/10
Taster: Martin Isark, September 2018

The Rocket

Ingredients: Johnny Walker Blue Label Coconut Soda Enoki Oleo Saccharum, Islay Perfume.
Taste: Impressive presentation, pure theatre. Enjoy the taste of whisky – then this heaven sent.
Score: 9/10
Taster: Martin Isark, September 2018

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Contact: Martin Isark
Martin Isark, Food & Drink Journalist, Taster, Author & Consultant 

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