Premium Rum is where it is at for Bartenders & Drinkers


By Martin Isark

The Rum Market is Booming in the UK, at last count it was worth over £1 billion and catching up the Gin market which is £1.2 billion very fast. It comes in as white, golden, dark and spiced rum which enables it to cover more bases than Gin, Vodka or Whisky. Bartenders love the flexibility that rum provides for mixing cocktails, and drinkers are rediscovering old favourites, like Rum & Coke, Pina Colada & Mojito and the spirit aficionados are finding that premium sipping rums have far more complexity than Gin will ever have. End of.

The tasting notes for three Angostura Premium Rums

Angostura No 7, 7 Year Old, Mahogany Rum Trinidad & Tobago, Alc 40%, £28.27

The Taste: A mahogany coloured rum that presents silky sugary notes of vanilla, oak and spice. Works well as after dinner sipper.
The Score: 8/10
Taster: Martin Isark, October 2018
Buy from:  The Drinks Shop 

Angostura 1919, 8 Year Old, Amber Rum Trinidad & Tobago, Alc 40%, £30.99 – £33.95

The Taste: A light straw coloured rum that presents notes of red fruits, chocolate, spice and vanilla that comes finished with a sugared lick.
The Score: 9/10
Taster: Martin Isark, October 2018
Buy from:  Drinks Basket & Master of Malt 

Angostura 1787, 15 Year Old, Mohogany Rum Trinidad & Tobago, Alc 40%, £69.99

The Taste: This mahogany coloured rum at a sip under seventy quid, is certainly not cheap, but it delivers the quality you’d expect from a top-notch cognac. Silky smooth, with harmonious flavours of chocolate, fudge, red fruits that linger long after the swallow.
The Score: 10/10
Taster: Martin Isark, October 2018
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