Scoring chart

Scoring Chart for the Can I Eat It? App & Website

5 stars –  Much better than the shelf price.

4 ½ Stars –  Very high quality.

4 Stars –  High quality.

3½ Stars – Cheaper alternative to the Brand.

3 Stars –  Ok, for the price.

2½ Stars - Ok, but overpriced.

2 Stars – The dog might, but you won’t!

1½ Stars  – Leave it on the shelf.

1 Star – 10p would be too much.

½ Star – Let somebody else throw it away.

0 Stars –  Product not tasted or tested!


One thought on “Scoring chart

  1. Hi there, this app sounds brilliant, I’m going to download it soon as I can, would it be possible to add a category for pregnancy? I’ve recently found out it’s a total nutrutional minefield, I understand pineapple is bad, raspberry leaf tea is bad, although raspberries are good, and mustn’t go near shark meat or brie, peanuts used to be bad, but now they’re not, unless it’s peanut oil in biscuits, or something, help!

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