Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Step by Step guide to using the Can I Eat It? App

a)Settings’ Page:

1) In order for the app to work correctly, it is a requirement that the settings’ page is filled in!

b) Options:

  1. Auto-open scanner – opens the scanning window every time the scanner is shown.
  2. Sound effects – bleeps when scanning – helpful for the visually impaired.

c) Guideline Daily Amount (GDA):

  1. Tick your age group – now the GDA for salt, sugar and saturated fat is set for you.
  2. On the product page tap either the salt, sugar or the saturated fat and value changes to the grams per 100g or per 100ml.

d)     Definitions:

  1. Tap definitions at the top of each section and the definitions appear in a new window.
  2. On the scanned product page – tap a – red cross, green tick, orange question mark, green thumb or red thumb and the definition will appear in a new window.

e)     I want to eat – put the slider to ON and it triages products that are:

  1. Vegetarian
  2. Vegan
  3. Halal
  4. Kosher
  5. Low Salt
  6. Low Sugar
  7. Low Sat Fat
  8. Low Fat

f)      Please be aware that if you select Vegan, Halal or Kosher that the percentage of red thumbs (not suitable) or orange thumbs (we are not sure) are high. We are adding products daily.

g)     I can’t eat – put the slider to ON and it triages products that are suitable:

  1. All Cereals/Coeliacs
  2. Oats
  3. Wheat
  4. Egg
  5. Fish
  6. Crustaceans
  7. Lactose
  8. Milk
  9. Soya
  10. Nuts
  11. Peanuts
  12. Sesame
  13. Sulphites
  14. Sweeteners

h)     We do list many more ingredients on the scanned product page – but at the moment we are unable to deliver the accuracy to put them on the ‘I can’t eat’ triage list.

i)      Feedback &  Report Problem:

  1. All emails help us to continually improve the Can I Eat It? App.  So don’t hesitate to send a ‘Feedback’ or ‘Report a Problem’ email – we are here to help as much as we can.

j)      Barcode not found  &  Product not as scanned:

  1. Barcode not found: an orange question mark in the product tray – displays identify product. Please tap and take a picture of the front label, the ingredient and the nutritional values.
  2. Product not as scanned: occasionally the same barcode is attached to two different products.  Please tap and take a picture of the front label, the ingredient and the nutritional values.
  3. Barcode damaged or won’t scan:
  • If  all the 8.12 or 13 numbers are visible then tap the barcode icon next to the search bar and the settings’ icon:  enter the numbers, tap check  and the product will drop into the tray as if it had just been scanned.
  • The numbers are not visible: Tap the search bar next to the barcode icon and type the name product and press search.

k)     Help us so we can help others:

  1. We have added ‘Voice Announcement’ for the visually impaired or you’ve simply mislaid your glasses.  Switch it on and the Can I Eat It App speaks the scanned product’s information. To find out more, click here.
  2. Is it  Baked beans , Tomato Soup, Cat Food, Gravy Granules or Hot Chocolate?   Every product added helps the visually impaired to see again.


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