FAQ for Version 3.0

Can I Eat It? Version 3.0 (The developers are now testing Version 3.0 – it will be in the App Store in a few weeks)

We believe that ‘Can I Eat It? Version 3.0’s new features are intuitive, but if you require clarification, please see below.   

1) For all the new features to work on ‘Can I Eat It? Version 3.0’ the user has to sign in with their FB, Twitter or Email account.

2) For privacy we ask each user to choose a nom de plume category from our extensive list below. For example, Savvy-shopper Anne, Veggie Tom, Vegan Caroline, Gluten-free Sam, Nut-allergy Alexis, Weight-watcher-dieter Helen, Wine-lover Martin, No Palm-oil Jim…

3) The nom de plume list:
No palm-oil

4) Ok for me? is a new feature:
a) It allows the user to change Can I Eat It?’s green, red or orange thumb to an Ok for me? thumb. For example, the App displays a red thumb, the user decides that he/she can eat it, taps the Ok for me? button and changes the red thumb to an Ok for me? green thumb.

b) Ok for me? automatically creates a personal database for the user, This can be kept private or they can elect to share it with like-minded users. For example, Gluten-free Sam has elected to share her personal database and Gluten-free Tom has added her database of products to his personal database. All personal databases are live, if Gluten-free Sam makes a change to a product, for example, an alteration of a thumb colour or personal note, it will automatically update that product to all users that have Gluten-free Sam’s product.

c) Write personal note on each product. For example, I can eat it, and it’s is cheap, but it went straight in the bin.  I’ve changed the green to a red thumb!

d) If Gluten-Tom disagrees with one of Gluten-free Sam’s notes or thumbs, he can add his own, and delete Gluten-free Sam’s.

5)  Settings Page:
a) In order for the app to work correctly, it is a requirement that the settings’ page is filled in.

b) Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) are from December 2014 being referred to as Reference Intakes (RIs). These new EU-wide  RIs values for energy, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sugars, salt and sodium are basically the same as UK’s old GDAs for an adult with a new name. UK’s old GDAs Read more & The new EU-wide RIs Read more.  As the new EU-wide RIs,  don’t at the moment, have any variation for sex or age, the Can I Eat It? App uses IGD’s previously published, Best Practice Guidance its Reference Intakes RIs. As the new EU-wide RIs for adults followed the old GDA values, we are assuming that the previous values for children will also be similar.

c) It is important that you tick the correct Reference Intake group as our RI values change with sex and age.

c) The ‘I want to drink’ section requires you to put the slider to ON for each category – for the App’s triage system to work.

d) To triage products in the ‘I want to eat’ and in the ‘I can’t eat sections’ – just put the slider to ON.

e) If you have selected Vegan, Halal or Kosher, where previously, the App would deliver a high percentage of orange thumbs, NOW  the Ok for me? feature it will allow you to change the thumb to suitable or not.

f) What’s new on Version 3.0? We have added Low Calories, Low Carbohydrates, Low Fat for dieters and Garlic & Onions to the I can’t list.

6)  Product’s information can be found by scanning the barcode, using the search or entering the product’s barcode.  If we don’t have the product – you can simply add the product.

7)      Scanned Page
a) What’s new on Version 3.0? We have added live traffic lights for Calories, Carbohydrates & Fat to Version 2.0’s Sugar, Salt & Saturated Fat. These alter when you move the sliding g/ml scale.

b) What’s new on Version 3.0? A live graduated g/ml sliding scale that allows you to vary the amount from 0 to 1000,

c) Want something more accurate? You can tap in the exact amount, for example, 32.5g.

c) What’s new on Version 3.0? Ok for me? button that takes you thru to the to the change a thumb and write a personal note page.

d) What’s new on Version 3.0? Slider to  change from amount  to a percentage of the GDA.

e) What’s new on Version 3.0? You can FB, Tweet, Text & Email any scanned product and personal note.

f) What’s new on Version 3.0? Contact, Blog & FAQ buttons at the bottom of the scanned page.

8) Adding products: 

a)  What’s new on Version 3.0?  A new feature that allows users to quickly add new products to their personal database.

9) ‘Voice Announcement’ for the visually impaired or you’ve simply mislaid your glasses.  Switch it on and the Can I Eat It App speaks the scanned product’s information. To find out more, click here.


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