Tasted: 3Omega6 Unsweetened Dairy Free Drink – 1000ml

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By Vegan Caroline
Pretty neutral tasting with just a hint of vanilla. A great breakfast milk.

The Product:
These days there is a massive amount of choice available in non-dairy milk. There’s milk made from all types of nuts and grains. Just when you think the possibilities must be exhausted another one comes along! 3Omega6 hails from the States and is a dairy free drink made from flax oil. It boasts high levels of essential fatty acids, no cholesterol and has added calcium, vitamin K and vitamin D2.

The Verdict:
Flax oil has a very distinctive taste and with it making up 9% of the drink I was worried that this might dominate the flavour. I was really pleasantly surprised to find this a fairly neutral tasting drink, nice enough to drink on it’s own chilled from the fridge. It works in tea and coffee without curdling but doesn’t lighten the drink as well as soya milk. I found it really came into it’s own at breakfast time where it worked brilliantly in smoothies, porridge, on museli and in overnight oats.

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Ingredients: Water, Flaxseed oil 9% (concentrate 10%), Pea Protein, Thickener (tapicoca starch), Tricalcium Phosphate, Emulsifier (soya lecithin), Natural Flavourings, Stabiliziers (xantham gum, guar gum, gellan gum), Sea salt, Vanilla extract, Vitamin K, Vitamin D2

Can you eat it? Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free.

Barcode: 8718182060959
3Omega6 Unsweetened Dairy Free Drink – 1000ml
Pretty neutral tasting with just a hint of vanilla. A great breakfast milk.Tasted by Vegan Caroline



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