Your 100% Perfect Valentine Champagne


By Martin Isark

Want a bottle of the best Rosé champagne I’ve tasted in the last 30 years for your special Valentine? Devaux Champagne  Rosé Cuvee D is 100% perfect for Valentine’s Day? Available from Quality Wines 

D Rosé Cuvee D, Aged 5 Years, Devaux Champagne, France, 75cl, £54
This Pink champagne is produced from 50% Chardonnay & 50% Pinot Noir with 10% of the Pinot Noir made into red wine. Often as not the added Pink colour camouflages those desirable brioche and bottle ageing notes from top champagne. Not so here. Devaux has produced a Rosé champagne that bucks the normal trend of delivering a pink colour over flavour. Pop the cork Big Ears! Phew It is dry, but very very elegant, the subtle red fruited and floral twist flavours are so harmonious that once swallowed your tastebuds asking for more and more. Out of the many 1000’s of champagnes I’ve tasted, this is a Rosé that’s worth a premium price! Score 100/100

Cuvee D, Aged 5 Years, Devaux Champagne, France, 75cl, £42.30
The Blend for this non vintage is 60% Pinot Noir, Black Grapes, 40% Chardonnay, White Grapes of this blend 40% come from reserve wines. This Cuvee D. Big Ears enjoys a glass of dry champagne, but with just 6% sugar it will be too dry B. E. and for most drinkers’ palates. Take a sip and the clean pure flavours of peach and white flowers dance on the palate right through to the swallow. Score 89/100. 

2008, D,MIllésimé, Devaux Champagne, France, 75cl, £61.30

This vintage champagne is produced from 50% Chardonnay & 50% Pinot Noir with just 6% sugar (dosage).  Champagne is all about balance, this vintage presents elegant white peach and integrated brioche notes that dance on the tastebuds from sip to swallow. If you don’t like the Pink Colour then this will hit the spot Big Ears. Score 96/100

Ultra D , Aged for 5 Years, Devaux Champagne, France, 75cl, £46

Ultra D is Non Vintage Champagne is bottle aged 5 years, is made from 60% Pinot Noir 40% Chardonnay with 40% of these being reserve wines and just 2grams of sugar is added. This is an aficionado champagne, certainly not for everyone. Relish 100% cacao chocolate then get your wallet out! After the bubbles hit you will enjoy pure flavours of white peach, and salty mineral lick that will certainly wakes up a jaded palate. Score 88/100

Know your champagne:

Non Vintage (NV) Champagne
This is a blend of wines from several different years, and must be aged for 15 months. Quality producers like Bollinger will bottle age for much longer.

Vintage Champagne
This is a blend of champagnes from just one year, and must be aged for a minimum 3 years. Prestige brands, like Krug, will bottle age for up to eleven years.

Blanc de Blancs
This is white champagne produced from white chardonnay grapes only. It has a more elegant and delicate style than regular vintage and non-vintage champagne, which is a blend of both white and black grapes.

Blanc de Noirs
This is white champagne produced from just black pinot noir and/or pinot meunier grapes. The taste is softer and more rounded than that of regular vintage, non-vintage and Blanc de Blancs champagne.  This style is often preferred by the occasional champagne drinker.

The colour can vary from off-white to almost red. The deeper the colour, the more fruit driven the champagne will be.  Therefore, if you are a fan of champagne’s bottle ageing nuances of brioche, biscuits, dried fruits and yeasty notes then rosé champagne is not for you. On the other hand though, if you are looking for an-easy-drinking champagne that has that ‘please drink me’ appeal then pink is the one to pick from the shelf.

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