The Goring Grocer – UK’s Best Deli


By Martin Isark
I rocked-up to Goring on Thames, and found UK’s best Deli. The Goring Grocer!

Three steps through The Goring Grocer’s door and the heady aroma of freshly baked bread, savoury cooking, hand crafted pastries & cakes has your tastebuds turning somersaults.

Freshly baked bread 

Heady aroma of savoury cooking

Hand-crafted pastries

There are so many second rate delicatessens around UK that simply search the internet for the best products, and stick them on the shelves. But not so at The Goring Grocer.

The Foodie Owners, both trained chefs Stuart & Caroline Pierrepoint and their dedicated talented team, get up at 3 am, Monday to Saturday to start cooking so that their hand-crafted food is ready for the shop’s 9 am opening.

Their delicious food is of course complemented with shelves of local bottled beer, cheese, cured meets, fruit & veg and very much more. Not expensive, a very large pork pie was £5 and the pastries hover around £2.  A deli that pleasures the palate, but is wallet friendly too. Foodie paradise for ALL. 

Be warned newbies! The foodies are there at 9 am, so don’t rock-up after midday, if you want the best selection.  

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