Apple: iDrink

With all the whispers of a new iPad launching this week, we thought we would give you our own 3 versions of what to do with Apple products: iEat, iBake and……


There are two main styles of apple juice, the cloudy white freshly pressed juice and the whisky coloured clear apple juice from concentrate both deliver two very different flavours and price points.

The two different styles are mainly down to the differing economics of storage, transport and longevity as both originate from fresh apples.  The quality of the apples, the type of extraction and the colour may vary, but they both deliver that apple taste.

The cloudy white freshly pressed juice is just that.  When compared to apple juice from concentrate it has a short shelf life, it’s bulky to store and transport.  These simply economics dictate that this is premium price point product.  Want this style of juice? Be prepared to pay the extra cash!

How they reduce transport costs and the shelf price!  Most of juice is water.  The manufacturer removes the water from the juice and makes a concentrate. Then to increase its stability and longevity the concentrated juice is frozen.  Two very big cost savers!  When more apple juice is required the water is added back. Not that simple as it requires a lot of science and know how!  These savings can deliver an apple juice at around half the price of freshly pressed juice. The downside for the drinker!  Many of the fragile flavours are lost.

Can I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the  innocent smoothie apple juice.Try the app now:

Not forgetting:

ASDA Apple Juice from Concentrate

The colour of Speyside malt and presents pronounced apple notes on the nose, palate and finish.

Competing Brand: Del Monte

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