Apple: iEat

With all the whispers of a new iPad launching this week, we thought we would give you our own 3 versions of what to do with Apple products: iEat, iBake and……


There are thousands of different varieties of Apples, but like grapes there are only twenty or so that find their way onto the supermarket shelves.  The two main apple styles that you find on the shelves are cookers and eaters.

Named cookers or cooking apples because of their eye-screwing sour flavour. They are just too tart to eat straight from the tree!  The best known cooker by far is the Bramley apple. The original two hundred year old Bramley apple tree still sits within spitting distance of the Bramley Apple Pub in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, and is still producing fruit! Impressive!  They just don’t grow-em like they used to.  Today most apple trees are ready for chopping down after fifty years.

Named eaters or eating apples – these are very much sweeter than cookers and can be eaten with pleasure straight from the tree.   Popular varieties on the supermarket shelves are: Granny Smiths, Cox, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious,  Braeburn and Pink Lady.

Try the app now:

Not forgetting:

Tesco Pink Lady Apples Class 1

These pink tinged apples were created by crossing  a  Lady Williams and a Golden Delicious apple. Want a crisp, sweet and tart eating apple?  If the price and size fits – put a bag in the trolley.

Waitrose Apples Red Delicious

This pink apple delivers soft sweet fruit notes threaded with fine acidity. Ideal for shoppers that don’t like their apples sharp and tart.

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