Buying your cupboard condiments

Can I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the Branston Original Pickle

Don’t let the shape fool you when buying your food cupboard condiments. Manufacturers know all about optical illusions, so don’t be conned by that long thin bottle standing next to the little dumpy one on the eye-level shelf.  Most of us have tried and have been amazed that that tall glass of continental lager actually pours easily into a chubby pint mug.

Shop smart!  Always check out and compare the price per hundred gram weights or per hundred millilitre volumes if you want the very best value for money. Sometimes you’ll find that the big bottle is not always the cheapest.

Don’t use too much! Remember that couple of gherkins, a pickled onion or two, a spoonful of chutney, dollop of mayonnaise, dash of French dressing and ‘hey presto’. Your healthy salad suddenly contains half your recommended daily allowance (GDA) of salt, sugar and saturated fat. If you calorie counting, even the reduced-fat versions of salad cream and mayonnaise will still put a big dent in your GDA.

Don’t try and judge the nutritional values by what a product tastes like. Producers are masters at masking unwanted flavours. For example, the pickles you savour rarely taste salty, but they do actually have high levels of salt, just as the sweet versions have high levels of sugar.  Always read the product’s nutritional label or scan barcode with the Can I Eat It? iPhone app.

Branston Original Pickle

Try the app now:

Can I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the Branston Original PickleCan I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the Branston Original Pickle

Not forgetting:

Heinz Salad Cream Light

Heinz is one of the leading brands on the supermarket’s shelves. The market leader that all others are judged. If the style, size and price fits – put it in the trolley.

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