Swimming in Sugar

Can I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve

Know your Sugar – Yes… we all know that too much sugar can seriously damage your health but, if you are hooked on its sweet taste, it’s difficult to resist the products that are swimming in it.  But we all have to try that little bit harder if we want to stay healthy.

Sometimes however, shoppers are blissfully unaware that they are buying products that are loaded in sugar. For example, all fruit has sugar, mainly Fructose, and some for example bananas and grapes, have very high sugar. The ones to watch, though, are the dried fruits that can increase the sugar content six fold over their fresh counterparts: grapes and raisins are a good example. It might be one of our ‘five a day’, but that snack bag of raisins is seriously high in sugar.  The traffic light guidelines to sugar in food per 100g are:  Green (Low) <=5.0g/100g, Amber (Medium)> 5.0g to 15.0g/100gand Red (High)>15.0+g/100g. However, these figures get more complex when you are measuring these figures against the Guideline Daily Amount for children and young adults.  If you have the Can I Eat it App you don’t have to bother with the maths just scan product and it checks your personal guideline daily amount for sugar.

At other times though, the front label presents the impression that the product is full of everything but sugar. For example, jams and  conserves shout about the fruit content on the front label, but you have to look at the eyes-squinting back label to find that often there is more sugar than fruit in that jar of jam or conserve.

Not so with Aldi’s Grandessa Conserve 75% fruit range, but most do!

ALDI Grandessa Strawberry Conserve 75% Fruit

Try the app now:

LIDL Maribel Blackcurrant Extra Jam Conserve

Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve

Can I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve

Not forgetting:

LIDL Maribel Blackcurrant Extra Jam Conserve

Top notch! A quality jam that has a harmonious balance between the chunky blackcurrant fruit, its acidity and its sweetness. Put a jar in the trolley.
Competing Brand: Frank Cooper’s


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