The Cola Cake

The world’s cola market is a very big cake indeed! Dominated for over century by Coca-Cola and Pepsi; two of the biggest soft drink manufacturers in the world. Not surprisingly then, that many of the world’s major supermarket’s have over the years introduced their own-brand of colas to grab a slice of this very rich cola cake!

Do these relatively new colas actually cut it with the cola- drinking public? In fact, the early supermarket versions were such poor examples of cola that even if you were ‘dying of thirst’ you would leave them on the shelf at all costs.

But things have changed big time. Most own-brands in both the food and drink sectors have improved over the last ten years, and now the best often compete with the brand leaders – as well as being a good deal cheaper. Unlike some other products, however, no supermarket cola has so far managed to mirror the smell and taste profile of either Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

They still won’t cut it with Coco-Cola or Pepsi aficionados, but many are now a cheaper alternative. It won’t be long before they get a bigger slice of that cola cake!

Essential Waitrose Cola

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Can I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the Essential Waitrose Cola barcodeCan I Eat It iPhone App lets you know what is in the Essential Waitrose Cola barcode

Not forgetting:

ALDI Vive Cola
This veers more towards the taste of Pepsi rather than Coca Cola.  Certainly a cheaper alternative for the Pepsi drinkers.
Competing Brands: Coca Cola & Pepsi

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