A spoon-friendly dessert for our Domestic Olympians

The Olympics 2012 are in full swing. The children are on their summer break. But for you, the Domestic Olympian, every holiday is a series of 100metre sprints: shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, parties… 

Require a quick spoon-friendly treat that will hit the spot for the children and the adults, but you don’t want it blowing a big hole in your food budget?

Below is the recipe for a healthier version of the Eton Mess.

The recipe’s plus points:

It’s healthier as it uses the clean tasting, low fat, Greek Style yogurt rather than full fat

double cream, check out the Can I Eat It? UK App below for the comparison!

It takes advantage of the supermarkets’ competitively priced soft-berry summer-fruits.

It tastes as good as the regular version.

Children can make it themselves – which hopefully gives little time for our Domestic Olympians to watch our Great Britain Olympians going for gold!

Eton Mess – the healthier version:

You’ll need

Large mixing bowl

Small sharp knife


225g Strawberries

225g Raspberries

2 Bananas

450g of Natural Greek Style Yogurt

8 Meringue nests


Hull and slice the strawberries

Peel and slice the bananas

Break the meringue nests into chunks


Scoop the Greek Style yogurt into the mixing bowl.

Add the fruit and the meringue chunks and stir until mixed.

Serve in white bowls.

You can substitute or add any soft fruit.  Enjoy

Rachel’s Organic  Greek Style Natural  Yogurt

Try the app now:

Yeo Valley Organic Double Cream



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