Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App is ready to help the ‘next generation’ of Olympians

The Olympics are over, but Lord Coe – wants families to take advantage of the legacy left by London 2012.  If you would like your family to be part of the ‘Olympic gold haul in Rio and beyond, you may find your shopping list, for your weekly Usain Bolt-like trolley-dash, requires a bit of a tweak!  The below may help a little with this lifestyle change.

There is no question that food and drink packaging has improved hugely over the last ten years, but there are still many labelling problems you’ll encounter on your trolley dash.  The Can I Eat It? UK iPhone Barcode Scanning App is a useful tool when the problems below crop up, especially, if you’re shopping for your young family – the ‘next generation of Olympians!

Packaging & Labelling problems:

Double labelling for the space challenged packaging:

A growing habit by producers is to use ‘peelable’ or piled up labels on their products to cut down the space needed for all the information required these days. Marmite is a prime example, where you need to peel or piggle back one label to reveal the nutritional details on the label underneath. Not a good idea. The shopper scratches away at the product, often leaving on the shelf a less than pristine item. The information should be on the ‘shelf talker, the label on the shelf below or above the product. No doubt one day this information will be shown electronically on a tiny screen, but until then just scan the barcode with the Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App.

More Information can be Found on the Website:
This often applies to Nutritional values, which is not much help for the time-challenged health- conscious shopper. Unless, of course you are shopping with the Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App. Some of Cadbury’s products use this custom.

Nutritional Labelling:
There are still unhelpful labels that list Salt as Sodium, which you have to multiply by 2.5 to gain the salt value. Waitrose disappointingly uses this practice. Some producers’ labels include saturated fat under the umbrella term of Fat – and likewise sugar under the umbrella term of Carbohydrate. Lidl’s multi- language labels are often labelled in this way. Not helpful! Unless, of course you are shopping with the Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App.

Colour of Print on Background:
Black print on a white or yellow background is best for the visually impaired. Some of Lidl’s multi-language labels use difficult black on blue for their ingredient and nutritional values. Not helpful! Unless, of course you are shopping with the Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App.

 Sometimes the individual packets and bars in multi-packs (mainly own branded snacks and bars) don’t show the ingredient, allergen and nutritional information. Therefore it is important to keep the main packet or wrapper. Unless, of course you have the Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App.

LIDL Nixe Tinned  Tuna Chunks in Brine

Try the app now:

Not forgetting

Barcode: 4062300092952

Hipp Organic Just Fruit Apple, Strawberry & Blueberry 4mth+
Hipp Organic is one of the leading baby food brands on the shelves. Waiting to taste this Just Fruit Apple, Strawberry & Blueberry.

Barcode: 5010029211153

Alpen Light Bars Apple & Sultana
Alpen is one of the leading brands on the snack shelves. The market leader that all others are judged. If the style, size and price fits – put a pack in the trolley.

Barcode: 00497091

Marks & Spencer Tinned Wild Alaskan Red Salmon
Most shoppers will not be able to tell the difference between this and M&S’s Wild Red Canadian salmon. Side by side, the Canadian tastes very slightly sweeter.
Competing Brand: John West

Barcode: 5201054083413

Total 2% Greek Yogurt
Total is one of the leading yogurt brands on the dairy shelves. If the price, style and size fits – put a tub in the trolley.

Barcode: 5024121817304

Organix First Organic Wholegrain Baby Rice 4mth+
Organix is the one of the premium brands on the the baby food shelves. Waiting to taste this Wholegrain Baby Rice. Free from gluten & wheat.

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