The Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App has plenty of drinks to scan too

The Can I Eat It? UK iPhone App has plenty of drinks to scan too. Start scanning the Supermarket’s drink shelves… there are over 2500 wines and 700 Spirits. And if you are a Vodka drinker there is well over 100. Moreover, if you’re making cocktails, then flavoured Vodkas are a must have. Check out the ones below, or scan the many others when you’re next doing your trolley trundle! That’s if you’re not flavouring your vodka at home!

Flavoured Vodka info:
Russia and Poland have been adding natural ingredients to Vodkas for centuries. These old-style ones, however, are not water-white, since they take on the colour of the fruit or grass added. Cherry-infused vodka is claret-coloured and those flavoured with bison grass come in shades of straw. All are rich in natural smells and tastes.

Sadly, although these traditional vodkas are far superior to the modern water-white flavoured ones, mixologists and barmen use them less because the colour interferes with the drinks’ presentation. Apparently, aesthetics are all-important, so quality must go out of the window. Finlandia actually had to withdraw its coloured vodkas and turn them clear in order to get barmen to use them and the customer to buy them.

This is a pity. To achieve this water-white purity in vodka that has been produced from fresh, naturally coloured ingredients, it must go through a filtration process. However gentle this process is – and it has improved greatly of late – some of the flavour will inevitably disappear.

Flavouring your Vodka at home:
If you can’t find the flavour you want or if you don’t like the price, buy the fresh fruit, spices or grass yourself and add them to the bottle of vodka, allowing it to infuse gently for at least a week. You’ll enjoy the result.

Below are some of the flavoured vodkas on Can I Eat It? iPhone App. and on the shelves. Buy the App and scan or enter the barcode/s below. Enjoy.

Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka 70cl

Try the app now:

Not Forgetting:

Barcode: 0830895702204

Grey Goose Citron Vodka 70cl

Grey Goose is Prince Harry’s favourite tipple!  This is an interesting combination of lemon diced with subtle liquorice notes, but the extra price hike is for the designer bottle. Although well made, it only delivers a tad better quality than the much cheaper Finlandia Lime Fusion

Barcode: 0081128074289

Finlandia Lime Fusion Vodka 70cl
There is no mistaking that this is a lime-favoured vodka: fresh lime-peel notes gush up the nose, swirl around the palate and tantalise the tastebuds long after the warm swallow.

Barcode: 089540436746

Stolichnaya Strawberry Flavoured Russian Vodka 70cl
The back label claims it is made from the juice of fresh strawberries, but the smell and the taste is more like a boiled sweet than freshly picked fruit. This clear vodka will add strawberry nuances to cocktails almost as well as the hand-crafted ones that cost double.

Barcode: 7312040060702

Absolut Vanilla Vodka 70cl
Absolut is one of the leading vodka brands on the drink shelves. Want subtle vanilla flavoured vodka? If the  size and price fits – put a bottle in the trolley.

Barcode: 5410316991476

Smirnoff Lime Vodka 70cl
Smirnoff is a one of the leading brands on the vodka shelves. Waiting to taste this lime-flavoured vodka.

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