It’s now time to start checking out the drink shelves for Christmas

Have you been checking out drink shelves to see what brandies are available for Christmas and beyond? To help with you’re choosing we have now added brandy to the Can I Eat It? App Try the app now 

Brandy is the umbrella term for a spirit produced from grape pomace or marc (debris left over after fermentation), or from wine or fruit. It is difficult to think of a fruit that is not made into brandy: cherry, apple and apricot to name a few. The name of the fruit must always be first on the label. Making pomace brandy is the prudent way for winemakers around the world to utilise grape waste and, regionally, it is very popular in local bars and restaurants. Italy’s grappa is the most famous of this style of distillate.

Spirit labelled ‘brandy’ must be distilled from wine made from the fermentation of grapes and by law has to be aged for a minimum of three years in oak barrels.

Large wine companies and cooperatives have their own distillery facilities. Smaller producers sell unwanted grapes and wine to a local distillery; if the distillate is not of sufficient quality it will be used for industrial alcohol. On the whole, though, most is aged and sold as brandy.

There are grape-growers who produce grapes specifically for a distillery, as they do in Cognac. It is recognised that the best brandies have a taste that reflects the soil, the grape, the distillery and the region. Most British consumers have by custom acquired the taste for French brandy, and no doubt other drinkers in other countries prefer what they know, too. This is certainly why very few of the thousands of different brandies produced throughout the world actually leave their region or country of origin. For instance, not many people realise that California produces brandy or that its vineyards supply 75% of all the brandy consumed in America. Indirectly then, the brandy industry helps to keep the wine industry going – so keep drinking, brandy lovers.

We have now added brandy to the Can I Eat It? iPhone App Try the app now  . If you already have the App –  scan the barcode or enter the barcodes below.  Enjoy.

Delamain Grande Champagne Cognac

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5000169003800

Waitrose Armagnac V S O P France
This Armagnac is produced in a continuous still and matured in Montezun oak casks. Want cheaper alternative to the leading brands without trading down in quality? If the price and size fits – put a bottle in the trolley.
Competing Brands: Le Père Jules & Comte de Lauvia

Barcode: 8716000965158

Bols Cherry Brandy Liqueur
Bols is one of the leading brands on the spirit & liqueur shelves. Want Cherry Brandy? If the price and size fits – put a bottle in the trolley.

Barcode: 5202795120054

Metaxa Five Star Brandy
Metaxa is the leading Greek Brandy on shelves. If it must be Greek Brandy – then put a bottle in the trolley. However, the best French Brandies deliver much better quality for a similar price point!

Barcode: 3161420000203

St Remy V S O P Napoleon Brandy
St Remy  is one of  the leading brandy brands found on the supermarket’s shelves. This does not have the complexity of  a V S O P Cognac, but it is as good as the competing Brandy brand. Competing Brand: Three Barrels

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