Hey you’ve gotta have bubbles during the Christmas or Hogmanay festivities

Hey you’ve gotta have bubbles during the Christmas or Hogmanay festivities, but it doesn’t have to be champagne. If you fancy buck’s fizz (champagne and orange juice) or black velvet (champagne and Guinness), you’ll find that a good-quality fizz works just as well, and is a good deal cheaper.
Spanish cava, produced just outside Barcelona, was until the early 1970s labelled and sold as cheap champagne in the UK. This is no longer allowed: sparkling wine must have been produced in the Champagne region of France to be labelled as champagne. Things are different in Spain, however. There, ask for champagne and, more than likely, you’ll be poured a glass of cava. You may not notice the difference either, as the top producers employ a method very similar to the French model of production and bottle-ageing. Those who do so can put ‘traditional method’ on the label. This, of course, does not necessarily guarantee quality – there are so many permutations of grape variety and quality, of yeasts and of length of ageing time in the bottle that if you find one you really like you should buy as much as you can afford.

We have now added sparkling wines to the Can I Eat It? iPhone App Try the app now  . If you already have the App –  scan the barcode or enter the barcodes below.  Enjoy.

Not Forgetting…

Barcode: 7804320321516

Isla Negra Brut Sparkling Wine Chile
Sparkling wines from Chile are clean and well made. The very best, ten quid plus, are made in similar way champagne, and are worth a punt as cheaper and fruiter alternative.

Barcode: 01496970

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Prosecco Veneto Italy
Want a delicately flavoured sparkling wine for chilling or cocktails? If the style and price fits – put a bottle in the trolley.
Competing Brands: La Gioiosa & Mashio

Barcode: 00260701

Marks & Spencer Bucks Fizz Germany Sparkling Wine
Made with sparkling white wine and orange juice. Put a bottle or two in the trolley. You will struggle to get a sparkling wine that’s this drinkable for this price.

Barcode: 5018374178909

Tesco Rose Cava Spanish Sparkling Wine Spain
Want a cheap dry pink sparkler?  You’ll struggle to find better value pink bubbles on the shelf. If the price fits – put a bottle or two in the trolley.
Competing Brands: Freixenet & Codorniu

Barcode: 5051399313634

Tesco Finest Prosecco Veneto Italy
A clean dry sparkler that delivers apple and pear drop notes. If the price fits – it’s worth a punt if you are making cocktails.
Competing Brands: Maschio & La Gioiosa

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