Breaking News – Version 2.0 is in the App Store

What’s new? It’s now available for the iPad & iPad mini. We have added a Tray Announcement that will keep you updated with the latest news. And a new ‘I want to drink’ section!

Can I Eat it? for iPad & iPad mini: These are simply a bigger versions of the Can I Eat It?  iPhone App.  Try the app now  . If you already have the iPhone App you can now check it out on your iPad.

The newly added Tray Announcement: This drops into your scanning tray, just like a scanned product.  It’s simply an announcement – it gives the user the information and then slides down the tray as you scan.  For example, it could say ‘Christmas Puddings have been reduced to half price at Waitrose’ or I’ve tasted Sainsbury’s mince pies.

The newly added I want to drink section provides:

1)     The newly added ‘ I  want to drink ’ section has over 3000 wines, 800 bottled beers, 1000 spirits, 2500 soft drinks, 700 teas, coffees and chocolate drinks – all with helpful tasting notes.  A trolley-load of drink info at your fingertips!

2)     Solid tasting notes to help you decide if that drink on the shelf is for you.

3)     You won’t have a problem buying your wine, spirits, beer or navigating your way around the off-license shelves, the supermarket’s drink maze or the soft drink shelves when you use  ‘I want to drink’ section of the Can I Eat It? App Try the app now  . If you already have the iPhone App you can now check it out on your iPad.

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5000169647752

Essential Waitrose Cola
Does not mirror the taste of either Coca Cola or Pepsi, but it’s certainly a cheaper alternative for the Waitrose shopper.  Competing Brands: Coca Cola & Pepsi

Barcode: 072783000058

Anchor Steam Beer Anchor Brewing Company
Want to try a well-crafted flavoursome cult steam beer from San Francisco? If the style, size and price fits – put a bottle or pack in the trolley.

Barcode: 5010494195286

Ardbeg 10 Year Old  Single Malt Whisky Islay Scotland
This Ardbeg delivers pungent peaty notes with a real salty medicinal lick. A must try if you relish the taste of smoky malt whiskies.  Competing Islay Brands: Bowmore, Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Caol Ila & Bruichladdich.

Barcode: 5010251463917

Morrisons Best Vermentino
Want an easy-drinking dry white wine? This wine with it subtle lanolin and stone fruit notes threaded with fine acidity has that ‘I must have another and another glass’ quality! If the price fits – put a bottle or two in the trolley.

Barcode: 5050854968501

ASDA Earl Grey Tea Bags
Want Earl Grey Tea Bags? If the style, size and price fits – put a pack in the trolley!  Competing Brand: Twinings

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