Martin Isark has tasted Kellogg’s New Chocolate Corn Flakes

I’ve tasted Kellogg’s New Chocolate Corn Flakes… should you put a packet in the trolley or leave it on the shelf?

The packet reads “Kellogg’s New Chocolate Corn Flakes” 

OK! No question, if you love all things chocolate, then these glazed light brown corn flakes are going to catch your eye.  Like all Kellogg’s Corn Flakes they remain crunchy when you add milk.  But what do they taste like?

The tasting note:  These chocolate corn flakes sound tempting, but unfortunately, the sharp chocolate flavour dictates that you’ll struggle to finish bowl. Leave them on the shelf until Kellogg’s give them a taste tweak.

Can you eat it? Not if you’re avoiding barley or gluten.  Kellogg’s does not list that the flavouring contains gluten, but it does.

The full ingredient list: Maize , Sugar , Chocolate (7.5%) (Sugar, Cocoa Mass) , Barley Malt Flavouring , Cocoa Powder , Salt , Niacin , Iron , Vitamin B6 , Riboflavin (B2) , Thiamin (B1) , Folic Acid , Vitamin D , Vitamin B12 . 

Should you put it in the trolley? Not if want a moreish spoon-friendly chocolate cereal that tantalises your tastebuds from spoon to swallow.

Below are some of  the  many chocolate cereal products that are on the Can I Eat It? iPhone App. and on the supermarket shelves. Buy the App and scan or enter the barcode/s below. Enjoy. Try the app now

Not Forgetting:

Barcode: 00084543

Marks & Spencer Triple Chocolate Crunch Cereals

Eaten straight from the packet, the oat clusters, dark and white chocolate curls and Belgian milk chocolate pieces have that ‘I must have another spoonful’ quality, but when you add milk the taste drops down a notch!

Barcode: 25142877
Aldi Harvest Morn Chocolate Crunch Cereals
The packet contains: crunchy oat and rice clusters with plain, milk and white chocolate pieces. Straight from the packet or with milk, a spoonful of this crunch delivers pronounced flavours of coconut and hazelnuts diced with a chocolate swirl. Put a couple of packs in the trolley.      

Barcode: 20101268
LIDL Crownfield Nougat Pillows Chocolate Flavour Wheat & Rice Cereal

Pack contains hard crunchy shreddie-like squares that come filled with a creamy hazelnut filling.  Not the most healthiest breakfast cereal, but very moreish.
Competing Brand: Nestle

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