Veggie Tom has tasted Asda’s Cauliflower Cheese Crispy Grills

By Veggie Tom 
I’ve tasted Asda Cauliflower Cheese Crispy Grills… should you put a pack in the trolley or leave them on the shelf?

Asda’s Cauliflower Cheese Crispy Grills blurb reads: Cauliflower, potato and green beans with mature cheddar, coated in crispy breadcrumbs.

OK: Asda has increased its frozen vegetarian range of late, giving veggie shoppers a wider choice of lower-cost meat-free products. They’re mostly oven-bake equivalents which would stand in for the meaty part of a traditional meat-and-two-veg meal: sausages, grills, battered bites and burger-shaped things. Cauliflower cheese grills are, arguably, one of the least innovative – but how do they taste?

The tasting note: The surprise is that these are really rather nice. I’ve eaten various cauliflower cheese grills over the years – they’ve been a part of various frozen veggie bake ranges since the 90s – but the filling is often bland. These, however, really do taste cheesy, and little florets of cauliflower break up what would otherwise be a monotonous centre.

The full ingredient list: Cauliflower (29%) , Batter [Water, Wheat Flour] , Breadcrumbs (11%) [Wheat Flour, Yeast, Dextrose, Salt, Paprika, Turmeric] , Potatoes (8.2%) , Sunflower Oil , Dried Potato (6.6%) , Seasoning [Lactose (Milk), Cheese Powder, Cornflour, Salt, Dextrose, Yeast Powder, Autolysed Yeast Extract, Flavouring, Yeast Extract, Celery, Citric Acid, Onion Powder, Mustard Powder] , Mature Cheddar Cheese (4.1%) , Medium Fat Soft Cheese (3.5%) , Spring Onions (3.3%) , Onions (2.5%) , Green Beans (2.1%) , Water , Wheat Gluten , Rye Flour , Pea Fibre .

Specific ingredient? Cheddar cheese isn’t vegetarian by default – an enzyme complex called rennet, typically produced from newborn calf stomach, can be used to separate the curds and whey. In vegetarian Cheddar, a substance called chymosin is used, derived from bacteria, yeast or mould.

Can you eat it? Contains Celeriac. Contains Celery. Contains Gluten. Contains Wheat. Contains Milk. Contains Mustard. May Contain Nuts. May Contain Peanuts. Contains Rye. May contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

Should you put it in the trolley? A nice crispy coating, noticeable bits of cauliflower and a gently flavoured and stringy cheesy sauce. Rather good.

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