Martin Isark has tasted BrewDog’s Watt Dickie – 35% Ice Distilled Beer

I’ve tasted BrewDog’s Watt Dickie 35%, Ice Distilled IPA Beer – should you buy a 6cl bottle or leave it on the shelf?

BrewDog’s Watt Dickie PR blurb? BrewDog, Scotland’s largest independent brewery has lifted the curtain on its most eccentric and absurd project to date – a ground-breaking new style of spirit given the name Watt Dickie. The offspring of a radical brewing and ice-distillation process, held secret until its patent is approved, the new 35% ABV spirit, created using an IPA style beer, has been given its first public outing at BrewDog’s speakeasy Underdog. The initial batch of Watt Dickie will be available in the 12 BrewDog bars and at the brewery’s online store late June.

OK: BrewDog is a cult-craft Scottish brewery that pushes the flavour boundaries of its beers, lagers and stouts to the limit. At a mega 35%, Watt Dickie is not going to be ‘session’ beer, but surprisingly, this high octane blockbuster is not out of balance with its pungent flavour. So full marks to the BrewDog brewing team on that score! However, just like Old Style Barolo, its pronounced assertive taste, prods and pushes the tastebuds a tad too hard to be drunk in anything other than sparingly, sip by sip.

The tasting note: Watt Dickie is a high octane, ice distilled IPA beer from the trend-setting BrewDog brewery. What does it drink like? The nose presents aromas of a hoppy honeyed cough-mixture. The silky palate adds notes of bananas, yeast & liquorice which combine to deliver a swallow with a long salty treacle lick. A must try for BrewDog fans, but once will be enough for most of them.

Can you drink it? Has BrewDog’s radical ice-distillation process destroyed the beer’s gluten? At the moment this is an unanswered question. Until then, it is a no-go for drinkers with a gluten intolerance..

Should you buy a  6cl bottle or leave it on the shelf? If you are BrewDog collector or fan it is a must buy and try, but for most beer drinkers -it’s a leave it on the shelf BrewDog.

The Can I Eat It? Team are continually updating and adding more beers to the App’s database. If you have the Can I Eat It? App, you can put the BrewDog beers  tasted on your iPhone by scanning or entering any of the barcodes below. You don’t have it yet! Download the app now.

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5060154910025
BrewDog 5am Saint Amber Ale
This flavoursome well-crafted  amber ale delivers rounded malted treacle notes threaded with an assertive spiral hop twist. If the style and price fits – put a bottle or pack in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark 

Barcode: 5060154911183
BrewDog Punk IPA
Want a pale beer that delivers serious hoppy flavour – then this boutique beer will hit the hop spot?   If the style, size and price fits – put a can or two in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark 
Hops: Chinook, Ahtanum & Nelson Sauvin
Malts: Marris Otter Extra Pale Malt

Barcode: 5060154910148
BrewDog Hardcore IPA
Looking for an easy-drinker? Leave this bottle on the shelf. Want to try a flavoursome high-octane IPA that  prods the palate with a mix of malt, spiky hops and wine-like notes? Then this bottle will hit the spot! Tasted by Martin Isark 

Barcode: 5060154910353
BrewDog Trashy Blonde Ale

This cult-craft Scottish brewery makes seriously flavoursome beers, lagers & stouts. Only buy if this style fits – otherwise leave it on the shelf. Tasted by Martin Isark 

Barcode: 5060154911794
BrewDog Dead Pony Club Pale Ale

This well-crafted pale ale presents an elegant, harmonious balance between the spiky hops and the malted barley – so much so that once swallowed your palate is asking for more!  Indeed –  by BrewDog’s standards this is an easy-drinking ‘session’ quaffer. End of. Want to impress your beer drink mates – put a case in the trolley! Tasted by Martin Isark 

Barcode: 5060154910315
BrewDog Tokyo Oak Aged Stout

A must try for the beer aficionado. This eighteen percenter is not a ‘session’ stout, but one to be savoured and sipped slowly, 50ml will be enough for most drinkers. Each sip tantalises and pounds the tastebuds with a harmonious bitter sweet mix of Oatmeal Stout and Oloroso Sherry flavours.  I recommend that you decant it into a decanter and drink it as you would a vintage port with cheese or fresh coffee. You don’t have to drink it at one sitting, the high alcohol (like Port & Sherry) enables it to be kept for several days in a stoppered decanter. Tasted by Martin Isark 
Hops: Galena
Malts: Marris Otter, Dark Crystal, Caramalt, Chocolate Malt & Roast Barley

Barcode: 5060154912029
BrewDog Hello My Name is Beastie IPA
If you’re looking for an easy-drinking bottle of IPA- then a beer from the BrewDog brewery is not for you. Leave it on the shelf.  However, if you relish the taste of pungent spiky hops – then this double IPA with a bramble lick is heaven sent. If the style and price fits – put a bottle or pack in the trolley.   Tasted by Martin Isark 

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