Nut-allergy Alexis has tasted Wowbutter

By Nut-allergy Alexis 
“Tastes almost exactly like peanut butter… except without the death”

In North America peanut butter is king.  In this country, not so much.  However given the increasing number of ‘nut free’ schools you can see why peanut butter substitutes are becoming increasingly popular over there.

Which brings us on to Wowbutter, a Canadian product coming over in the very near future, which will be available from Whole Foods and some Holland and Barrett shops.  It is a product made from toasted soy, and is peanut, tree nut, gluten, dairy and egg free.

I have to admit to some trepidation to trying it – for people with peanut allergies, the idea is absolutely vile.  Items with peanuts have a distinctive smell and the very idea of eating them is repellent.  Imagine being asked to eat something produced by a dog and you would get the immediate sense of revulsion that the idea brings to mind.

So it never seemed likely that this was a product I would take to.  It took quite a bit of effort to force myself to try it.  It does not have the characteristic smell of peanuts but is sweet and does have a nutty aftertaste.  It spreads easily on bread and I actually found it quite tasty once over my initial disquiet.

However I am writing this review from a very fundamental disadvantage – I have never had peanut butter!  So I prevailed on my long-suffering wife for her opinion, she describes it as having the same texture as smooth peanut butter and thinks it tastes almost exactly the same but slightly sweeter.

In honesty it is probably not something I would have again but this is an excellent alternative to peanut butter, particularly in families where one child has allergies and the others have acquired a taste for it.  My wife is a definite convert so I expect to see it in our cupboards soon.

The only risk I see with this product is that it is so similar to peanut butter that it may cause confusion in families trying to avoid peanuts.  Otherwise, an excellent substitute – like peanut butter except without the death.

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