Tasted Tesco’s Everyday Value Roasted Salted Cashew Nuts

I’ve tasted Tesco’s Everyday Value roasted salted cashews nuts – should you put a pack in the trolley or leave them on the shelf?

Tesco’s Cashew Nuts blurb? No artificial flavours or colours, source of minerals and cooked in sunflower oil.

OK: For most shoppers cashew nuts are cashew nuts. End of.

The tasting note: Hey, they may not conform in size and shape to the very best on the shelf, but the balance between the salt and flavour of these cashew nuts is top notch.

Can you eat them? Provided you’re not allergic to cashew nuts and other nuts. Listed as suitable for vegetarians, but there is nothing in the ingredient list  to suggest that they are not suitable for vegans.

Should you put them in the trolley? Want a real Tesco bargain?  Put a couple pack of these Everyday Value Cashews in the trolley.

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