Veggie Tom has tasted Clive’s Organic Vegetarian and Gluten-free pies

By Veggie Tom 
I’ve tasted Clive’s Organic Pies… should you put them in the trolley or leave them on the shelf?

Clive’s Organic Aloo Gobi Pie blurb reads:  Fresh cauliflower, chunky potatoes and vegetables enriched with Indian spices. Clive’s is a specialist organic vegetarian bakery in the heart of Devon.

We make pies stuffed to bursting point with unique fillings inspired by culinary traditions of the world. This is just one of our extra special range of gluten free products, created so that even on a gluten free diet you can still enjoy the finer things in life. Within our gluten free range we also make dips, ready meals, and award winning cakes. We reckon they’re probably the best you’re ever likely to taste!

OK: Vegetarian pies have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, with names like Higgidy, Pieminister and the supermarket own brands starting to produce some great offerings. They’re great for meat eaters who have a visiting veggie – a tasty centrepiece which can be easily subbed in to a meat-and-two-veg dinner. Clive’s Organic is a specialist in the field: all organic, all vegetarian, and much of their range is vegan or gluten-free too.

The tasting note: I’ve tasted lots of pies from the range, and the one with the aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower curry) filling was my favourite. A mix of rice flour, maize flour, potato flour and buckwheat flour makes for lovely, moreish pastry, which doesn’t suffer for its lack of butter. And the curry filling is lovely, well rounded and lightly spicy with a nice depth of flavour.

The full ingredient list: Organically produced, *Water, Potato 14%, Cauliflower 10%, Sustainably Sourced Palm Fat, Carrot 7%, Rice Flour, Tomato, Garden Peas 6%, Potato Flour, Coconut Milk, Onion, Maize Flour, Cabbage, Buckwheat Flour, Garlic, Herbs & Spices, Fresh Ginger, *Sea Salt, Mustard and Love, *Approved non-organic

Can you eat it? Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those avoiding gluten. Made in a bakery that handles nuts.

Should you put it in the trolley? A lovely curry interior with a nice depth of flavour and delicious pastry.

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Not forgetting:

Barcode: 503110200013
Clive’s Organic Hungarian Goulash Pie
Vegan-friendly wholemeal pastry cooks nicely, albeit with a slight bitterness which the pleasantly-spicy filling doesn’t quite manage to offset. Tasted by Veggie Tom

Barcode: 5031102000044
Clive’s Organic Aloo Matar Curry Pie
You can taste the creamy coconut milk in the well-rounded curry interior, and it works well with the wholemeal pastry. Tasty and filling. Tasted by Veggie Tom

Barcode: 5031102000020
Clive’s Organic Creamy Mushroom Pie
Mushrooms and cream can make for a deeply moreish combination, but this non-dairy version can’t quite attain those heights. It’s a decent vegan filling all the same.  Tasted by Veggie Tom

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