“Tastes like wood chippings” – Nut allergy Alexis reviews a carob bar

By Nut allergy Alexis
I’ve tasted Plamil Carob Confection… should you put a pack in the trolley or leave it on the shelf?

Plamil Carob Confection blurb reads: Made for carob lovers including vegetarian and vegans, who really like the raw taste of food without any sweeteners.

OK: Looks like chocolate. Perhaps a good chocolate substitute for those who have to avoid dairy? No added sugar either, so perhaps a healthy treat? Made in their nut free factory.

The tasting note: Sadly no. Instead it tastes like biting into wood chippings with a hint of plastic, then a lingering bitter aftertaste. Unrewarding at best. On the plus side it’s a treat that won’t spoil your appetite as you are unlikely to finish a whole bar. Very disappointing as the rest of Plamil’s allergy-free range has been much better.

Carob?  Is a seed pod from the carob tree which is crushed and used as a substitute for chocolate.

The full ingredient list: Cocoa butter, carob powder (40%), soya flour

Can you eat it? Contains Soya.

Should you put it in the trolley? Unless you are a rabid carob fan then avoid this. Remember – friends don’t let friends do carob.

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Barcode: 5013092008248
Plamil Carob No Added Sugar Confection, 45g
Unless you are a rabid carob fan then avoid this. Remember – friends don’t let friends do carob. Tasted by Nut allergy Alexis.

Not forgetting: 5013092940241
Plamil Strawberry Flavour Chocolate No Added Sugar
Very strong smell of strawberries but the taste is lacking, not rich enough. Tasted by Nut allergy Alexis

Not forgetting: Barcode: 5013092061403
Plamil Organic Orange Chocolate with Cranberries
Absolutely delicious – rich chocolate at 60% cocoa and the sharpness of the cranberries comes through well. Tasted by Nut allergy Alexis.


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