Vegan Caroline has tasted Jacob’s Salt and Pepper Flatbreads

By Vegan Caroline
I’ve tasted Jacob’s Salt and Pepper Flatbreads… should you put a pack in the trolley or leave it on the shelf?

Jacob’s Salt and Pepper Flatbreads blurb reads: Thin, crispy and delicious, Jacob’s flatbreads are carefully baked using the finest quality ingredients. We suggest you enjoy them with your favourite topping to make a great tasting lunch.

OK: Jacob’s are a long established brand famous for their biscuits with the company orginating in Ireland in the 1850’s. As well as classics like their Cream Cracker , Water Biscuits and Cornish Wafers the company have continued to diversify and add new products such as these flatbreads to the range.

The tasting note: The product is essentially a flavoured cracker. I wouldn’t normally go for crackers preferring to choose oatcakes, crispbreads or corncakes, However,  the salt and pepper  flavourings  gives these flatbreads an extra layer of interest. The salt is not overpowering, the poppy seeds give a nice appearance and the black pepper really comes through. I liked the crunch to the flatbreads and although thin they easilywithstood journeys to work without snapping. Flavour wise, I tried them with humous, pate and Vegusto cheese and chutney – and they paired well with everything.

The full ingredient list: Wheat Flour,Vegetable Oil ,Poppy Seeds (4%) ,Barley Malt Extract ,Dried Yeast ,Salt ,Black Pepper ,Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonate)

Poppy seeds? These tiny blue black seeds are often used in cooking particularly with lemon. They’re a good source of B vitamins and various minerals and lend a mild nutty taste and speckled appearance to recipes they’re used in. Just remember to check your teeth for them when you’ve finished eating!

Can you eat it? Contains gluten. May Contain sesame seeds

Should you put it in the trolley? If you’re looking for a change from crispbreads or oatcakes these crispy, light flatbreads are a great choice.

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Barcode: 5000168158617
Jacob’s Salt and Pepper Flatbreads
If you’re looking for a change from crispbreads or oatcakes these crispy, light flatbreads are a great choice. Tasted by Vegan Caroline 

Not forgetting: Barcode: 5000168157740
Jacob’s Mixed Seed Flatbreads 150g
Flavoured with pumpkin, caraway and black onion seeds    making then a great accompaniment to cheeses, pates and humous.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline 

Not forgetting: Barcode: 5000237107713
Jacob’s Twiglets 6 pack 6 x 24g
A classic crunchy snack which will divide taste. If you’re a marmite lover you’ll adore these, if not leave on the shelf. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

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