Vegan Caroline has tasted Sweet Freedom Original

By Vegan Caroline
I’ve tasted Sweet Freedom Original… should you put a pack in the trolley or leave it on the shelf?

Sweet Freedom Original blurb reads: We are Sweet Freedom, with us it’s all about the freedom to enjoy the sweet things in life. We’re chocoholics who love sweet things, and we know we’re not alone. Our passion is creating sweet things that taste naughtier than they are. Only natural ingredients work for us. All lovingly handmade in our sweetness factory here in the UK.

OK: Sweet Freedom is a natural sweetener made from fruit sugar and carob that comes in a squeezy bottle. It’s marketed as a substitute for sugar and for vegans it’s also a substitute for honey. A big selling point is that it has 25% less calories and is also low GI making it a good choice for diabetics as part of a healthy diet.

The tasting note: Taste wise I loved it and I’m not alone. Both the light and dark versions have won Great Taste Awards and I’ll bet good money that the just launched Choc Shot will follow  suit. It really is very sweet  and compares well to how I remember honey tasting. As well as having less calories than sugar, honey or agave syrup the company recommends using 25% less gram for gram than you would of these equivalents. It’s become my go to sweetener for porridge. If you’re looking to reduce your sugar intake or eat low GI this is definitely worth trying and their website is a good resource for recipes using the products.

The full ingredient list: Syrup made from natural fruit extracts (apples, grapes and carob) 

Can you eat it? Vegan, gluten free, low GI and suitable for diabetics as part of a healthy diet.

Should you put it in the trolley? An excellent alternative to sugar and taste wise a great substitute for honey. You’ll find a multitude of uses for it.

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Barcode: 96036761
Sweet Freedom
An excellent alternative to sugar and taste wise a great substitute for honey. You’ll find a multitude of uses for it.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline .

Not forgetting: Barcode: 96036778
Sweet Freedom Dark

The dark version of Sweet Freedom and brown sugar substitute. Excellent on toast or pancakes and good for baking too.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline 

Not forgetting: Barcode: 96066829
Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate
An exciting versatile new product great stirred into hot milk,  on porridge or ice cream or even in cocktails. Go crazy experimenting.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline

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