Tasted: Koko Dairy Free Coconut Drink

By Vegan Caroline
One of my favourite non-dairy milks. Versatile and a great choice to give to people non keen on soya milk.

The product
Whilst there was once just soya milk as an alternative to cow’s milk there’s been an explosion in non-dairy milks in the last couple of years. Hazelnut, almond, oat ,rice and now coconut milk are all now easily available. Koko market themselves as a good match for semi-skimmed milk with the same fat and calcium levels but how does it taste?

The verdict
Don’t be put off by the word coconut. This is not the same stuff as the coconut milk that you get in tins. The coconut flavour is very mild in comparison, I could barely detect it. It works well in all manner of food and drink. You can even use it in tea and it doesn’t curdle in coffee. The comparison with semi-skimmed milk is a pretty good one. I also liked that Koko works equally well in both sweet and savoury cooking. I had good results using it in cakes and also in savoury sauces. I always look for fortified non dairy milks and Koko is great on this score with added calcium and those all important vitamins B12 and D2.

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The full ingredient list: Filtered water, Coconut milk 8.4%, Grape juice concentrate, Calcium phosphate, Emulsifier: Sucrose ester, Sea salt, Colour: Natural carotene, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12.

Can you eat it? According to their website it’s soy free, gluten free, nut free and dairy free. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. It’s also cholesterol free.

Barcode: 5060100600208
Koko Dairy Free Original + Calcium Long Life Coconut Drink 1 Litre
One of my favourite non-dairy milks. Versatile and a great choice to give to people non keen on soya milk.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Not forgetting: Barcode: 5060100600338
Koko Dairy Free Strawberry + Calcium 250ml
Much thicker and creamier than other flavoured non-dairy milks I’ve tried. Pleasant strawberry taste. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Not forgetting: Barcode: 5060100600277
Koko Dairy Free Chocolate + Calcium 250ml
Bit too sweet for my palate and I wanted a stronger chocolate taste. Would imagine this would be popular with kids though. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

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