Martin Isark says it’s now time to move over to sherry

By Martin Isark
Unfortunately, for some time sherry drinking has been yesterday’s fashion, this complex wine from Spain is still seen as an older generation’s aperitif and never as a complement to food. It has been hard to persuade chardonnay and cabernet drinkers that sherry is worth trying – but change is afoot. 

Buying & storing tips: Sherry wine, fortified or not, is currently amazing value for money. But it is a wine and should be treated as such. Once opened, it starts to lose freshness and ideally should be drunk at one sitting, or stored in the fridge, where the cool temperature reduces the rate of deterioration from oxygen, and drunk within a week..

The different styles of Sherry: Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso, Palo Cortado or Amontillado should be taken out of the fridge about 30 minutes before you’re planning to drink them, but Manzanilla and Fino should be enjoyed ice-cold. Bearing this in mind, buying half-bottles makes sense.

What should you drink it with? Try Manzanilla or Fino with fish, Dry Oloroso and Amontillado with cheese, ham and game, and Sweet Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez with sweets and fruit. Enjoy.

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Barcode: 8410162290003
Harvey’s Pedro Ximenez VORS Sherry
Produced from dried Pedro Ximenez grapes, it reveals a luscious, sweet, sultana-like palate that is perfect as an after-dinner sipper, or as a wonderful complement to vanilla ice-cream or a rich Havana cigar. Tasted by Martin Isark 

Not Forgetting:
Barcode: 5000128782388
The Co-operative Fino Pale Dry Sherry, Jerez, Spain
This is top-notch. Want a dry sherry? If the style, price and size fits – put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark
Competing Brands: Harvey’s, Croft & Gonzalez Byass

Barcode: 5052320240562
Tesco Finest Manzanilla Sherry
Manzanilla sherries are pale straw in colour and typically deliver a sharp olive, lemon and salted bite. Best drunk chilled. Don’t keep the bottle too long as it will lose its freshness. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 26002972
ASDA Sherry Amontillado
Amontillado? Relish the taste of dried peel fruits and nuts? If the style, and they can be dry, medium or sweet, size and price fits – put a bottle in the trolley. Don’t keep the bottle too long as it will lose its freshness. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 8410023090445
Gonzalez Byass Apostles Palo Cortado Sherry
This is palo cortado at its best. Taste-wise, it feels more like a dry oloroso than amontillado, revealing, as it does, a dark, nutty, chocolate bite on the palate and a finish that delivers waves of salted hazelnuts. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 8410023223621
Gonzalez Byass Matusalem Oloroso Sherry
Enjoy the multi-layered flavours of a rich fruit cake? Matusalem delvers those tastes in sherry! If style fits – put a bottle in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark



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