Tasted: Jules & Sharpie Hot Pepper Jelly

By Veggie Tom
Sweet, spicy and seriously delicious. This jelly is a genuinely fantastic little condiment.

The product
Chilli makes some people mad. I can’t wrap my head around the strange arms race surrounding this unique spice, in which competing chilli condiment creators shout their products’ scoville rating from the rooftops as if heat is all that matters. Look, there’s no joy in setting your mouth on fire – the real skill here is restraint. So does high end chutney maker Jules & Sharpie‘s Hot Pepper Jelly get it right?

The verdict:
Open you exercise books, hot sauce makers – because you just got schooled. This hot, sweet condiment is a lesson in balance: hot enough to confidently fire up whatever you eat it with, but calm enough to stay within any reasonable diner’s comfort threshold. The sweetness of the sugar helps to temper the kick, and tiny shreds of pepper add a complex, vegetal note. This is the good stuff.

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Ingredients: Sugar, cider vinegar, red peppers, citrus pectin, chillies, lemon juice.

Can you eat it? Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Barcode: 0059471960016
Jules & Sharpie Hot Pepper Jelly
Sweet, spicy and seriously delicious. This jelly is a genuinely fantastic little condiment. Tasted by Veggie Tom.

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