Tasted: Vegusto No moo Piquant Cheese

By Vegan Caroline
Best compared to gruyere this is great enjoyed with a good chutney in a classic sandwich or in a ploughmans.  

The Product – I’ve been vegan for over seven years and until the last year I haven’t touched vegan cheese. It’s been available but I haven’t found any that I liked the taste of until now. Suddenly there are several new brands on the market using different ingredients and methods and Vegusto have been at the forefront of these new developments.

The verdict – Vegusto products are more pricey than some other vegan ranges but they are handmade in Switzerland with high quality ingredients – so think of the cheeses as more akin to the sort of Artisan cheeses you’d find on a Farmer’s market. They are a healthier option too as they have 50% less fat than dairy cheeses. The avoidance of soya and the inclusion of ingredients such as coconut oil seem to give these cheeses their great flavour and texture. I’d agree with their claims that this cheese is gruyere like in taste. It also has the advantage of a six month shelf life and it’s freezable. I loved it paired with chutney on good bread. I haven’t missed cheese as a vegan but I’m delighted to have discovered Vegusto!

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The full ingredient list: Water, vegetable oils and fats (non-hydr.), potato starch, yeast, rice flour, nut butter, rock salt, spices, flavouring (vegetable), binder (carrageen), lactic acid (vegetable). Produced with energised water using Schauberger technology in a 100% vegetarian, vegan factory. Vegusto use no Soya and no palm oil in our production.

Can you eat it? Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free and soya free. Does contain nut butters.

Barcode: 7640144054038
Vegusto No moo Piquant
Best compared to gruyere this is great enjoyed with a good chutney in a classic sandwich or in a ploughmans.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline .

Not forgetting:  

Vegusto No Moo Mild-Aromatic

Reminiscent of a mild, nutty Swiss cheese this is great in a classic cheese and tomato sandwich. Tasted by Vegan Caroline  

Barcode: 7640144054052
Vegusto No Moo Melty

The creamiest tasting of the Vegusto range. Great melted on pizza or simply sliced as it is on a sandwich.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline 

Barcode: 7640144050139
Vegusto Mushroom & Cheese No-Moo Burger 

A really meaty kind of vegi-burger with a cheese surprise in the middle. These taste especially good barbecued.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline 

Barcode: 7640144050221
Vegusto Farmhouse-Style Veggie Sausage 

Really substantial tasty sausages with one being enough for a portion. Also great chopped up in stews or on pizza.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline 

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