Tasted: Creative Nature Heavenly Cacao bar

By Vegan Caroline
This Creative Nature Heavenly Cacao bar gives a great energy boost as well as a hit of raw chocolate with a nice crunch from the cacao nibs.

The Product
Thankfully, there is a move away from the sugar laden flapjacks that aren’t really that healthy at all – to an ever-increasing range of more natural bars that are free of processed sugar. And many like Creative Nature are Vegan-friendly too!

Creative Nature Cacao bar is a cold pressed  bar made with raw cacao (not cocoa!) which aims to lock in all the goodness of the cacao bean, but with a natural lower saturated fat content. .

The Verdict
It’s hard to believe that there’s no added sugar in these bars as they taste really sweet! The sweet berry taste follows through with creamy chocolate flavours. The addition of some cocoa nibs, little bits of raw cocoa bean, add to an interesting texture. The dried fruits and the raw chocolate provide vitamins and minerals combined to deliver sweet energy boost treat without guilt of having a calorie-loaded chocolate bar.  From now on, they are going to be my choice for my mid afternoon pick me up!

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The full ingredient list: sultanas, dates, cranberries,(10.3%), goji berries (5.4%), oats, vegetable glycerine, cacao powder (4.1%), cacao nibs (2.7%),  cacao butter(2.7%),  maca powder.

Cacao is the Latin American name for the tree that produces the beans that are used to make chocolate. It’s also commonly used to describe chocolate in it’s raw state before any heating has taken place. Keeping chocolate in it’s raw state is said to preserve all the beneficial minerals that are lost when it’s heated and sugar is added. It’s also said to be full of antioxidants and to be a mood booster.

Can you eat it? Vegetarian, vegan, wheat free, no added sugar, GMO free. Made in a factory that handles gluten, nuts and seeds.

Barcode: 5060113081124
Creative Nature Heavenly Cacao bar.
This bar gives a great energy boost as well as a hit of raw chocolate with a nice crunch from the cacao nibs  Tasted by Vegan Caroline .

Not forgetting:  

Barcode: 5060113081131
Creative Nature Sublime Seed Bar
I was surprised at how peanutty this was. It tasted delicious,like a healthy Snickers! Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060113081117
Creative Nature Blissful Berry Bar
This bar contained really sweet, juicy fruit flavours. If you’ve got a sweet tooth but are avoiding sugar this would definitely be one to try. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060113081148
Creative Nature Tropical Treat
I wasn’t as keen on this bar as the others in the Creative Nature range. The ginger overpowered the other ingredients and gave it a rather fibrous texture.Tasted by Vegan Caroline


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