Tasted: The Co-Operative Chablis 2012

By Vegan Caroline
This is a well priced, own brand Chablis and a good choice as a food match for creamy or citrussy dishes.

The Product
Most people have heard of Chablis but don’t realise that it is made from the Chardonnay grape. What makes this French Chardonnay from the Burgundy region different is it’s characteristic taste and reliable quality. The limestone soil of the Chablis region and the way it’s made give it a lean steeliness rather than the big fruity, oaky flavours you get with Chardonnay from warmer climes.

The Verdict:
This Co-Operative own label delivers what you’d expect from a Chablis. It’s lean and citrussy with a bone dry finish. As a wine with high acidity it’s especially good as a food match for certain dishes. This is a wine to pair with a rich creamy dish such as mushroom stroganoff or something with a citrussy edge like tempeh in a lemon sauce. This acidity will cut through the creaminess and complement the citrus flavours. It’s good value and is often comes round on offer.

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The full ingredient list: Grapes (Chardonnay),Preservative (Potassium bisulphite,, Sulphur dioxide), Made using Yeast, Acidity regulator (Lactic bacteria), Antioxidant (Nitrogen), Cleaned using Bentonite, Filtration

Can you drink it? Contains sulphites, but suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Barcode: 5000128623605
The Co-Operative Chablis 2012
This is a well priced, own brand Chablis and a good choice as a food match for creamy or citrussy dishes.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline.

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Barcode: 5000128599122
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