Tasted: Waitrose Malbec Mendoza 2012

By Vegan Caroline
This week I’ve been tasting recommendations from Waitrose and Morrison’s for wines to go with Christmas dinner. For lots of veggies Christmas dinner is very similar to that of non veggies but with a substitute for turkey. The replacement tends to be something that is still pretty rich and for vegans it’s usually in the form of a wheat based fake meat product or some sort of nut based dish. Although there’s no meat on the menu the wine match still needs to be something full of flavour. 

The Product
Malbec is a thick-skinned black grape that still struts its stuff in the Cahors region of France, but most supermarket shoppers associate it with the deep coloured gutsy red wines from Argentina. Not surprisingly, Malbec is commonly matched with beef, but that’s no reason why veggies should miss out on the well crafted fruit driven reds produced from it.

The Verdict
I’ve tasted much bigger Malbecs than this. However the fact that this is more mellow in style means it drinks nicely on it’s own as well as making it a good match to a veggie main course. It’s the sort of dry fruity red that would go very well with a centrepiece like mushroom Wellington or a chestnut Bourguignon pie. The nose is quite subtle and there’s soft berry and black fruit flavours on the palate. What really grabbed me was the finish with it’s lovely blackcurrant and liquorice flavours making it very moreish.

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Can you drink it? Contains sulphites, but suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Barcode: 5000169227411
Waitrose 2012  Malbec Mendoza Argentina 
Soft, fruity malbec with a lovely blackcurrant and licorice finish. A good match for veggie main course for a special meal.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5000169226643
Waitrose Southern French Sauvignon Blanc
An elegant white wine with fresh juicy flavours of pear and goseberry. Good with a veggie based main course or something lightly spiced.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5010251511465
Wm Morrison’s Prosecco Spumante
An elegant little number. Tiny long lasting bubbles and soft lemon and baked apple flavours. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5010251511496
Wm Morrison’s Champagne Brut NV
Very light, lemony,easy drinking style of champagne. One to use in cocktails. Tasted by Vegan Caroline


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