Tasted: Vegi Deli 48 Piece Party Pack

By Vegan Caroline
Want an impressive range of Veggie & Vegan friendly frozen products? V Bites delivers that with their latest Vegi Deli range.  Keep everybody happy in 2014 and grab a party pack for your freezer!

The product
The Vegi Deli 48 Piece Party pack consists of Cheese and Tomato Pizza Bites, Pepperoni Style Pizza Bites, Mini Duck Style Spring Rolls, Mini Vegan Quiche Lorraine, Mini Meat Style Samosas, Pork Style Sausage Rolls with Cranberries. The food comes frozen and then takes around 10 minutes in the oven.

The Verdict:
I was impressed by the party pack. It was great how fast it was to get the food from the freezer to the table. The least memorable bits were the samosas and the sausage rolls where I found it hard to detect the cranberry. I’ve never liked quiche but found these mini quiches with bacon bits tasty and the duck spring rolls were a nice addition benefiting from some sweet chilli sauce to dip in. The surprise stand out for me was the pizza bites which were on a puff pastry rather than a bread base which definitely enhanced them. I served the pack as part of a bigger buffet to a group of mainly non veggies and every bit of it went.

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Barcode: 5021821142101
Vegi Deli  48 Piece Party Pack
Good value and quick to cook. Stand outs were the pizza bites, duck spring rolls and quiches.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 5021821142064
Vegi Deli 32 Piece Party Pack
It was a bit confusing to identify what was what as a lot of the products look very similar. Good value for adding some vegan options to a buffet.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5021821141517
Vegi Deli Cheezly Selection – Red, Blue and Cranberry
Ideal to create a mini cheese board for people avoiding dairy. Can also be used in cooking as well as with crackers.Tasted by Vegan Caroline



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