Tasted: Farabella Gluten-free Cannelloni

By Gluten-free Sam
A fantastic tasting gluten-free pasta produced in Italy. What pasta is supposed to taste like. 

The product
Gluten-free pasta can be found in almost every Free From section these days, but genuinely good gluten-free pasta can be a little more elusive. Farabella, an Italian producer, do a massive range of gluten-free pastas in every shape you can imagine. These cannelloni tubes need to be boiled, then stuffed and baked. Making cannolloni is a labour of love, but well worth it!

The verdict
The pasta tubes tasted just perfect with the recipe I found off the internet. I stuffed the cooked tubes with mince and white sauce, and drizzled passata over the top before baking. Kind of like a deconstructed and reconstructed lasagne, this is a great meal for the weekend, if you have the time to prepare it.

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The full ingredient list: Corn flour, rice flour, corn starch.

Can you eat it? Gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free.

Barcode: 8032755844853
Farabella Gluten-free Cannelloni
A fantastic tasting gluten-free pasta produced in Italy. What pasta is supposed to taste like. Tasted by Gluten-free Sam.

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 8032755844815
Farabella Buckwheat Tagliatelle
A nutty tagliatelle made with corn and buckwheat. Has a very “gourmet” taste although the flavour might be a bit much for some. Tasted by Gluten-free Sam.



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