Tasted: Qi Teas White Tea and Goji Berry

By Vegan Caroline
Delightfully light and fruity white tea. Refreshing on it’s own or great alongside a lunchtime salad. 

The Product:
Qi produce a range of white, green and black teas blended from high quality Chinese teas. Some of the teas in the range are also flavoured with various fruits and herbs. Goji berries are one of the big Superfoods of the last few years. Also known as the Wolfberry, they hail from China.  These tiny dried red berries are high in vitamin C and vitamin A and there’s been many health claims made about them ranging from them possessing anti-aging properties to protecting against eye and heart diseases.

The Verdict:
The White Tea and Goji Berry comes in individually wrapped bags that need brewing for 3-5 minutes. There’s an immediate scent of sweet apricot on the nose followed through on the palate by a lovely light and delicate fruity tea. As well as the Goji berries the white tea is flavoured with a blend of dandelion root, grape, blueberry leaf and natural raspberry flavour which round it out without dominating the goji berry flavour. A tea to enjoy on its own that goes equally well alongside a lunchtime salad.

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Ingredients: White Tea (60%), dandelion root, goji berry (7%), grape, blueberry leaf, natural raspberry flavour.

Can you eat it? Vegetarian, vegan, gluten and wheat free.

Barcode: 065378354537
Qi White Tea and Goji Berry 25 Tea bags
Delightfully light and fruity white tea. Refreshing on it’s own or great alongside a lunchtime salad. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 653783000073
Qi Organic Digestif Tea 20 Tea bags

This Oolong blend is packed with herbs that benefit digestion and has lovely aniseed notes coming to the fore.  Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 065378319932
Qi Organic Detox Tea 25 Teabags

This was a more subtly flavoured brew than some of the others in the range and I ended up brewing it longer. Great for days when you’re feeling a bit fragile.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 065378352632
Qi Organic Green Tea 25 Tea bags
100% pure green tea. Light and mellow without the bitterness that some green teas can have.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 653783000387
Qi Organic Afternoon Tea 25 Tea bags
This organic black tea from Southern China makes a clean tasting, nicely thirst quenching cuppa.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 065378365731
Qi Green Tea Plus 25 Tea bags
Green tea with added ingredients such as pomegranate, blueberry and dandelion root. Really fresh and fruity tasting.Tasted by Vegan Caroline


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