Tasted: Rude Health 5 Grain 5 Seeds Porridge

By Vegan Caroline
I like to start my day with a really nutritious breakfast. I need something that will keep me going until lunchtime and stop me from reaching for the biscuit tin by elevenses. In the summer that’s usually a smoothie but in the winter months I fall back on cereals. The Rude Health range of breakfast cereals certainly fit the bill, but how do they taste?

The Product:
Rude Health produce a big range of cereal, museli and porridge. Their packaging is distinctive and quirky and they use premium ingredients. One of the co-founders of the company is in fact the World Porridge Champion so I was expecting a lot from their  5 Grain 5 Seeds Porridge. They also make a great range of plant based milks that are well worth trying.

The Verdict:
The packet instructs you to soak the porridge mix overnight in a mix of milk and water. The resulting porridge is thick and protein enhanced from the Quinoa and seeds. It tastes nutty, although there’s no actual nuts in it. This comes from the 5 seeds which retain their bite even after soaking. For my personal porridge tastes I also added a sweetner trying out mashed banana, agave syrup and Sweet Freedom Choc Shot and they all worked really well as did a blob of peanut butter. I’m happy to report that it kept me going right through to lunch, no problem.

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Ingredients: Porridge Oats, Jumbo Oats, Oatmeal, Barley Flakes, Rye Flakes, Golden Linseeds, Linseeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Buckwheat Flakes, Poppy Seeds, Quinoa Flakes.

Can you eat it? Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, wheat free

Barcode: 5060120281258
Rude Health 5 Grain 5 Seeds Porridge 500g
Thick with a great nutty texture, this is a porridge which will power you through the morning.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120282040
Rude Health Puffed Oats 175g

A cross between Sugar Puffs and Rice Crispies. a really tasty way to get your oats!Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120281289
Rude Health The Ultimate Organic Muesli 500g

A gourmet muesli blend with so many ingredients eat mouthful tastes different!Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120281180
Rude Health Super Fruity Organic Muesli 500g
Apples, apricots, sultanas and raisins lend this premium muesli rich autumnal flavours.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120281272
Rude Health No Flamin Raisins Muesli 500g
There may be no raisins but there’s no shortage of flavour with this muesli blend that is chock full of tangy tropical fruit.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120281586
Rude Health Corn Thins 130g

Beautifully thin and crisp these crackers make the perfect vehicle for all manner of pates, humous etc. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120281708
Rude Health The Pumpkin 35g

This fruit and veg snack bar stays sweet from the dates and has beautiful Christmas cake style flavours.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120281685
Rude Health The Beetroot

This fruit and veg bar manages to stay really balanced flavour wise with the sweetness rather than the earthiness of the beetroot shinning through.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120281999
Rude Health Organic Brown rice Drink 1Litre

The only rice milk around made from brown rice which lends a lovely natural sweetness with no added sugar.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120281975
Rude Health Organic Oat Drink 1 Litre

Really pleasant tasting and nice enough to drink on it’s own whilst remiaining neutral tasting in tea or coffee.Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 5060120282019
Rude Health Organic Almond Drink 1 Litre

A bit different to the rest of the almond milks on the market as this also contains some rice. Delicious and naturally sweet. Good enough to drink on it’s own.Tasted by Vegan Caroline


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