Tasted: M&S Pesto Chickpea Shells

By Veggie Tom
These calorie counters’ snacks have plenty of crunch – but the powdery pesto flavour is all wrong.

The product:
Snacking without the guilt – that’s the angle of the newly expanded calorie counting range from M&S. These pesto-flavoured chickpea shells leap out from the shelves, promising lots of flavour and an unusual base ingredient.

The verdict:
I won’t be feeling guilty about eating these – because I won’t be eating them. Chickpeas give them an appealingly crunchy, mealy texture but the flavour is all wrong. Pesto is at its best when it’s rich and fresh – and this distillation of pesto’s essence is overly strong and powdery. Avoid.

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Ingredients: Potato starch, chickpea flour, ground rice, maize flour, sunflower oil, salt, dried whey, dried buttermilk, sugar, dried cheese, dried mature cheddar cheese, yeast extract, dried garlic, dried butter, dried basil, dried parsley, dried cream, ground black pepper, acid: citric acid, basil extract.

Can you eat it? OK for veggies, but it’s not vegan or gluten-free

Barcode: 00946551
Marks & Spencer Pesto Chickpea Shells
These calorie counters’ snacks have plenty of crunch – but the powdery pesto flavour is all wrong. Tasted by Veggie Tom.

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 00492720
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Barcode: 00722902
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