Tasted: Mrs Crimble’s Stem Ginger Cake 475g

By Vegan Caroline
Great texture, taste and a generous amount of stem ginger. This cake is a store cupboard must have. 

The Product:
Shop bought baked goods that are suitable for vegans are few and far between. There’s a few supermarkets that do in store bakery doughnuts and you can sometimes pick up things like fruit pies. Vegan friendly baked goods usually tend to be from the lower end budget ranges where butter is replaced by vegetable oil and they rarely match up to something home made. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to discover Mrs Crimble’s Stem Ginger Cake.

The Verdict:
First off the cake is a decent size with 10 generous slices. Like all good ginger cake you can taste the syrup flavours which temper the fireyness of the stem ginger. There’s a decent amount of stem ginger which makes up 16% of the ingredients. The texture is spot on, soft and squidgy without being crumbly. The cake I tried also had a shelf life of another 5 months making it a great store cupboard product and one that I’ll be telling non vegan friends about so they’ve no excuse for not having any vegan friendly cake in! I’m a big fan of home baked goods and I was surprised at how well this store bought product compared.

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Ingredients: Rye Flour , Glucose-Fructose Syrup , Stem Ginger (16%) , Water , Sugar , Raising Agents: Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate and Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate , Spices

Can you eat it? Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Free from wheat but recipe contains rye flour so not suitable for Coeliacs. May be traces of nuts.

Barcode: 5010822990132
Mrs Crimble’s Stem Ginger Cake 475g
Great texture, taste and a generous amount of stem ginger. This cake is a store cupboard must have. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

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