Tasted: Clearspring Organic Tofu Firm and Silken

By Vegan Caroline
Top quality silken tofu with a fantastic variety of uses both sweet and savoury.

The Product:
Clearspring have a great reputation for being one of the top producers of traditional Japanese products with a wide range of vegan friendly goods. Whilst most people may have heard of tofu these days they may not realise that there are several different types with different uses. Silken tofu comes vacumn packed and has a soft almost blancmange like texture. It can be kept in the store cupboard rather than the fridge and is a pretty versatile product.

The Verdict:
Tofu is a must try for veggies as it’s an easy, low fat way to get your protein intake. I would recommend a firm tofu for dishes like a stir fry or scrambled tofu as this silken type would be likely to disintegrate. It’s softness is a distinct advantage though when used in other ways. Use it to up the protein content of a blended soup or smoothie to bind together a veggie pate or even mixed with melted chocolate and your favourite liqueur to make a decadent mouse or tart filling. The neutral taste of plain tofu makes it the perfect vehicle to carry all manner of flavours be it sweet or savoury. Although it’s packed in long life cartons this is quality tofu that once opened tastes freshly made.

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Ingredients: Whole soya beans that are fully traceable and EU certified, Spring water from Mount Fuji, Nigari

Can you eat it? Gluten free, nut free, vegetarian and vegan

Barcode: 5021554987710
Clearspring Organic Tofu Firm and Silken 300g
Top quality silken tofu with a fantastic variety of uses both sweet and savoury. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

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