Tasted: Nature Quebec Cranberry Carnival

By Vegan Caroline
This is one of those bars where each mouthful is different thanks to the sheer variety of ingredients.

The Product:
There’s a big range of healthy style snack bars around at the moment. For vegans though we are still straining ours eyes reading through the ingredients! The reason for this is that lots of these bars include ingredients such as honey and yoghurt which are excluded from our diets. The Taste of Nature range includes only vegan friendly ingredients through using sweeteners such as agave nectar, apple juice concentrate or brown rice syrup instead of honey and nuts to bring creamy flavours.

The Verdict:
The first thing to notice is that there is lots going on in these bars. Due to the sheer variety of ingredients and the mix of fruit, nuts, seeds and rice crisps each mouthful had a different taste and texture. The bars are organic and hail from Canada and I loved their fun names. Although Quebec Cranberry Carnival bar was packed with nuts and seeds as the name suggests it’s the sweetness of the cranberries and raisins that dominate the flavours. Visually they look like nut brittle type bars they are actually quite soft and sticky in texture. A great addition to the snack bar range and something that will definitely be joining my list of emergency snacks!

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Ingredients: Peanuts*, raisins*, agave nectar*, sesame seeds*, almonds*, cranberries*(cranberries*, apple juice concentrate*, sunflower oil*), pumpkin seeds*, brown rice syrup*, whole grain brown rice crisps*, sunflower oil blend* (sunflower oil*, mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract*), cranberry flavour*, agar.

Can you eat it? Vegan and vegetarian,

Barcode: 0059527501552
Taste of Nature Quebec Cranberry Carnival
This is one of those bars where each mouthful is different thanks to the sheer variety of ingredients. Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 0059527601559
Taste of Nature Brazilian Nut Fiesta
Creamy Brazil nuts are the stars of this sticky fruit and seed filled bar.
Tasted by Vegan Caroline

Barcode: 0059527070461
Taste of Nature Persian Pomegranate Garden
Sweet and tangy. Dominant flavours of date and cranberries with a hint of coconut.
Tasted by Vegan Caroline

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