Reviewed: Sainsbury’s Mozzarella Ball

By Savvy-shopper Anne.
Sainsbury’s Basics Mozzarella Cheese Ball? I challenge anyone to taste the difference between Sainsbury’s regular ‘Mozzarella’ and this bargain basement one!

The product:
Mozzarella? Is a semi-soft cheese from Southern Italy that’s produced from the flavoursome milk of a Buffalo, regarded by many as the only true Mozzarella! However, our cheese shelves are mostly stocked with the cheaper and less flavoursome version that’s made from Cow’s milk… known to foodies as ‘Fior di latte’, but to most of us – it is Mozzarella!

There is no question, naked on the plate, Buffalo Mozzarella has no equals. However, if you are using it for cooking or adding balsamic vinegar to your tomato and Mozzarella salad… you’ll hardly notice the difference if you use the cheaper Cow’s milk version.

The verdict:
Shopping at Sainsbury’s and want Mozzarella for cooking or that tomato, olive oil and balsamic vinegar salad?  Their ‘Basics’ cow’s milk version will deliver the Mozzarella.

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Ingredients: Mozzarella Cheese (Cows’ Milk), Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid.

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Barcode: 01483246
Sainsbury’s Basics Mozzarella Cheese Ball
I challenge anyone to taste the difference between Sainsbury’s regular Mozzarella and this bargain basement one!  Reviewed by Savvy-shopper Anne. 

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