Tasted: Drink from Aldi

By Martin Isark
When I wrote the Supermarket Own Brand Guide in 2005, I found that Aldi had some outstanding products in their: dairy, cold meat, cereal, confectionery, biscuit and snack sections –  and at very cheap prices too! Their Drink? Drinkable… just!

This week, almost 10 years on…from writing the Supermarket Own Brand Guide…  I tasted a wide range of Aldi’s wines and spirits and the conclusion was that most had moved on from Just to Very Drinkable!  Check out Aldi’s posh seasonal drinks below.

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Contains: Sulphites

Barcode: 25356502
Aldi’s Condrieu La Maison Denuziere N. Rhone France
This white wine presents soft peach and ripe apricot notes that has your palate pleading for the next glass. Tasted by Martin Isark

Not forgetting:

Barcode: 25172614
Glen Marnoch 18 Year Old  Single Highland Malt Whisky
Glen Marnoch is one of Aldi’s brands. Is it any good? Yep! It delivers elegant aromas and flavours of honey, heather and sweet oaky lick on the swallow. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 9421018436406
Aldi’s Maynard’s 2001 Vintage Port Portugal
Not the very best, but very drinkable. Don’t forget to decant it –  as vintage port throws a sediment.  Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 25006643
ALDI Oliver Cromwell Special Dry London Gin
Your a G&T drinker… and want a cheaper alternative to the leading brands? If the size and price fits – put a bottle of Oliver Cromwell in the trolley. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 25193275
ALDI Oliver Cromwell 1599 Small Batch Gin 
Much smoother than the regular Oliver Cromwell Gin, but not smooth enough to be drunk neat. You’ll struggle to tell between the cheaper version if you are adding tonic water. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 25278194
ALDI Tamova Red Label Vodka
Not smooth enough for drinking neat, but will hit the vodka spot for V&Bull and V&T drinkers. Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 25391145
ALDI Tamova Premium Vodka
A smooth vodka with a fiery twist on the swallow. Can be drunk neat or with a mixer.  Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 8715151080703
El Dorado Cask Aged 8 Years  Demerara Rum Guyana
This Demerara Rum presents moreish sugary peel fruit  aromas and flavours that last right through to the swallow.Tasted by Martin Isark

Barcode: 25356946
La Sogara Vendemmia Amarone Della Valpolicella  Italy
Valpolicella Amarone is made from partially dried grapes. This method of production concentrates the grape’s sugars and flavours which help to produce a rich and rounded wine. La Sogara Amarone?  Drinkable, but not one I rush out and buy..Tasted by Martin Isark


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