Tasted: 30 & 25 Year Old Tasgall Blended Whisky

By Martin Isark
What’s this 30 & 25 year old Tasgall whisky at sixty and fifty quid a bottle?
Tasgall is not a Scottish distillery or a blue chip brand, but a super-premium blended ‘private label’ whisky that has been created by Asda’s Spirit Buyers. Should you grab it or leave it? 

Dave Cresswell, Spirits Buyer at Asda says: “At Asda we have invested much time and research into creating the best quality blended whiskies that stands up against more expensive competitors available. Sold anywhere else these whiskies would sell for £100s so we are really proud to offer our customers stunning quality at an affordable price.”

OK: You can get some very very drinkable single malts for between £50 & £60, and side by side with Tasgall’s 25 & 30 year old blended whiskies, the malts come out on top on a straight taste fight! End of. However, as Dave Cresswell points out, if you compare Asda’s Tasgall blended whiskies with the blue chip branded versions of a similar age, they are great value for money. No arguments on that score.

Should you grab it or leave it? Have they got the multi-layered complexity of Johnnie Walker Blue Label? NO, but they are a must try for the whisky aficionado and a must buy for the whisky collector.  

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Barcode: 5054070236383
Tasgall 30 Years Aged Blended Scotch Whisky
Ten quid more, but this 30 is a big step up in quality from the 25 year old! A silky smooth sipper that presents citrus, honey, heather notes that are harmoniously threaded with vanillin oak. This aged blend is a must try for the whisky aficionado and a must buy for the whisky collector.  Reviewed by Martin Isark

Barcode: 5054070236406
Tasgall 25 Years Aged Blended Scotch Whisky
This enjoyable sipper delivers elegant notes of oranges, honey, spice and a fiery dry oak lick on the swallow. This rare aged blend is a must buy for the whisky collector. Reviewed by Martin Isark

Not forgetting

Barcode: 5000267096032
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Blue? You’ll never ever be sniffy about blended whisky again when you’ve had sip of this elegant, harmonious, multi-layered super-premium Blue Label. Don’t think of contaminating it with a mixer,  just sniff, sip and swallow slowly as you would a top-dollar cognac. Reviewed by Martin Isark

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