Tasted: Wines from Laithwaite’s

By Martin Isark
Tasted Laithwaite’s Easter Wine selection, Domaine Serge Laporte Sancerre,Gaston Burtin Premier Cru Champagne, Mission Estate Pinot Noir New Zealand and Imaginacio by Masperla Priorat, Spain. Are they worth a punt?

OK: Laithwaite’s is the world’s largest mail order wine merchant, that has similar buying clout to our big four supermarkets. Not regarded, quality wise, as being in the same league as The Wine Society, another mail order company, but the wines they sell, are as least as good as the ones on the supermarket shelves,  and they have a guarantee that if you’re not happy with a bottle, you don’t pay for it. You can’t be fairer than that!

Are they worth a punt? They are not going to have your tastebuds turning somersaults, but they do deliver solid benchmark quality. If the price fits they are certainly worth a punt.

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2013 Serge Laporte Sancerre Loire France
This Sancerre adds mineral and chalky flavours to its grape’s subtle herbaceous, grassy and gooseberry notes.  If you are shopping for an up-front grassy gooseberry flavoured Sauvignon Blanc wine – then this Sancerre is not for you. Try one from the New Zealand or the Australian shelves. Tasted March 2015. Reviewed by Martin Isark

Not forgetting

Barcode: 5051559017952
Mission Estate Pinot Noir Martinborough New Zealand
Not a top-table New Zealand Pinot, but it’s well-crafted, and delivers aromas and  flavours similar to that of a youthful red burgundy. Worth a punt if the price fits. Tasted March 2015. Reviewed by Martin Isark

Barcode: 3113916310044
Gaston Burtin Premier Cru Champagne
An easy drinking champagne that presents apple aromas and flavours that come threaded with subtle yeasty notes.  Well worth a punt if the price fits. Tasted March 2015.  Reviewed by Martin Isark

Barcode: 5051559017747
Imaginacio by Masperla Priorat Spain
This high octane wine delivers pronounced blackfruits, spiky acidity and an integrated lick of French oak. It does not have that ‘I must have another and another glass quality, but it certainly has the ability to trade punches with gutsy, BBQ and spicy food. Tasted March 2015. Reviewed by Martin Isark


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